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  1. Thanks Lone Wolf, now we know that the Saturn Guide doesn't have any drawings, 2 book still to go.

    Warpaint, I believe the bridge doesn't have any windows, or that's my guess at least. I'm working on my IJN fleet in 1/700 and the Prometheus would be awesome on that scale, but my idea is to go with the SDF-1, so 1/700 is out of the question :blink:

    The bridge shape is pretty clear to model it, I think the design is a little poor on the antenna section and that's why I'm looking for more info.

    About the model, I think I'll be posting an update next week.


  2. Since I dont own the older TIAS or the Miyatake books, I don't know for sure if these books already contain the line art of the Prometheus bridge from the Macross Perfect Memory book.

    Yes, these lineart is on the Miyatake book, but thanx for the tip anyway. Your site have an amazing resource material BTW, I use it a lot.


  3. I really don't know if this topic belongs here, so please Mods move it where it should go.

    I'm working on the 1/1000 Prometheus as you can see on this topic and reached the bridge finally. The thing is that I own the TIAS books, Miyatake works, etc, but the more detailed image of the Prometheus bridge is the one seen on the Playstation DYRL intro. There are 3 books about this game and I don't know if any of this have lineart of this animation or a good pic of the bridge, so my request if for any who own this books can provide me with a scan or let me know that aren't pics or lineart about it. Well, I depend on you guys, thanx in advance.


  4. By the way, what's up with the Promethius? - MT

    I'm waiting for some custom photo etched pieces to arrive (propellers and some details) and the little detail added does not worth an update at the moment, but still working on it. ;)


  5. Hi people! Finally an update.

    I had some very buisy weeks latey.

    Here are some pics of the prometheus as it is today. I've been working on details mostly and still have a lot to do. Finished the elevators and lot of details on the sides. I hope you like it.





  6. Hey! Finally back with an update. Thanx everybody for the compliments.

    Well, I ended up the "fingers" of he ship after make 3 different sets of them, wider, longer, etc. always based on how they looked on the lineart. In the end, I decided for the ones it has (of course :p )


    In this top view, really doesn't look good for me the way they look in ths pic. Maybe is the poor light I tooked the pics with.


    This is the side view (look curved on the top, took weird photos today :blink: )

    [attachmentid=40617] [attachmentid=40618]

    This last 2 are from the bow.

    Now, I'm finally moving to the deatil. This will be the fun.






  7. :o WOW :o

    Only one thing looks off on this. The rear section that connects to the Macross, seems slighlty misaligned. It might be the pictures playing tricks on me (mainly the pics displaying the hull up).

    Excellent job. Now on to details!!! ^_^

    You really scared me! I check it and it's OK. It's just the pic ;)

    Looks awesome man! What are you going to do for the engine pods? Are you going to scribe the deck detail? Keep up the great work! I just ordered the plastic for my upper section this weekend. - MT

    Since I found no lineart detail on the engine pods, I was thinking on make them the way you did on the Daedalus. They look pretty cool. The only scribing I think I'll make on the deck are the runways of the steam catapults and paint everything else.

    Looking good. Are you planning on adding a lot of detail, like the interceptor missiles and maybe some aircraft?

    My idea is to add as much detail as possible as could be made in 1/1000. As for the aircraft, I'm still considering it. I plann on make the SDF-1 some day and I really don't know if it worth that particular detail, as they'll be kind of lost in contrast with the rest of the model.


  8. Finally some pics! These are of the Prometheus as it is today. I'll be working on the "fingers" next and then into detail.





    OK, that's all for the day, I hope you like it, and thank you all for your comments.






  9. Hi guys! December has been a really buisy month for me, but I have some updates for late today.

    To Hiriyu: I was thinking on make some kind of BIG coffe table :p

    MechTech: I hope the Daedalus is coming right after I finish the Prometheus (okay, not "right after". I have a 1/72 Fokker D VII i want to make like the one of Roy). My work on the Daedalus will be based on your great job , given that you'r managing the same measurements (not scale :p ) than I do, so I will ask you for help when start my project.


  10. UPDATE!

    These days I've been working on the upper hull section and it get me more work than anticipated.


    Here is a pic of the ship as it is now. Still a lot of work to do, but taking the Prometheus shape :p


    Partial front view from the bow.


    Here is a view from the stern. The problem I had here was that the piece that attaches to the Macross had to be bigger than the lineart. There was no way to keep it under the end of the flight deck, so I'll have to think after what use these part could have.


    This is a detail :huh: of those "holes" that are present on the lineart and we never know what they are. I observed on the Miyatake and on the TIAS artbook that you can see partialy the sctructure thru those "holes" so after looking for any piece with tiny details I added some 1/72 planes spare parts and gave it a more "real look" to the ship. Well, I hope U like it the way it's going.






  11. Okay people, new update!

    I finished the shape of the hull and now I'll start with the upper hull.

    The pics: The hull with the flight deck, the hull with the flight deck presented and a really bad pic of the bow with the hangar bay








  12. Okay people, here are a few pics of the hull, making the shape of the bow in wood and moving to do the same on the stern. I'll keep you guys informed :p

    [attachmentid=37864] [attachmentid=37865]



  13. Thank you MechTech! I have to say that your project is one of my inspirations as also are the works of Honneamise and many others. I'm really excited obout this, so I hope to have news soon.


  14. Finally, and after a few years in my head, I'll start this project. It is of course the beginning of what I expect to be the 1/1000 SDF-1. If this one comes out right, will follow the Daedalus.

    Well, I made some schematics in rough lines that will help me as a guide for the proportion (Note on this: the official large of the Prometheus is 512 meters. After a comparision made with the schematics of the SDF-1, it resulted in 450 meters long, so I take this proportion as the right for this project and not the cannon.)

    I gathered all the info I could for details and I think I'm OK, except for details on the bridge antennae, wich I think I saw it more detailed on the Macross:DYRL PS1 game openning animation, so if anyone have the artbook of the game and it has lineart of the Prometheus other than the existant on the common books, please send me a PM to tell me if U can provide me with a scan. Well, that's all for the day and I'll keep you guys updated on this. Pics comming as soon as I have anithing material :p


  15. Chad that´s about 1,20 metres in length/heighth, not much bigger than the average decorative sailing ship model model just cooler -

    should fit into a standard living room if tolerated by wife/GF - my 1/100 Godzilla has already found a home there....

    Mechtech I want 2 models because 1. a transformable one will most likely fall apart after some time and 2. I want to look at both modes simultaneously :p -of course it´s all just theory... but maybe I´ll start with some smaller items some day like the bridge or some of the rocket launchers and the rest will follow over the years....

    I think I'll start making the Daedalus and Prometheus in 1/1000 and see how it goes from there. The only thing that bothers me is the resize I'll haveto do to fit the proportion with the SDF-1 (as Mechtech did).

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