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  1. Do you guys use the JPN currency or US currency?
  2. Thanks! Somehow it was 26,200 total?
  3. Can anyone tell me about vendors? Are there some actual deals out there or overpriced? And crowd size, am I expecting 10k people or how many?
  4. 6:30 mark shows exactly how to move the backpack. Thanks!
  5. A local shop has it for $400. Is that a good deal? Or do you think they will make more?
  6. If you have any extras, or yours has defects, please PM me if you have one. My main colllection are Transformer masterpieces, but I am slowly building a macross collection. Thank you.
  7. So $400? Why is this so limited? I like the realistic paint scheme.
  8. How do I get a vf31 a? Why is this one limited release?
  9. Positive feedback for SuperSenpai. Shipped fast for ground!
  10. Are you in EastVale, CA? Between Corona and ontario?
  11. So if I buy it in yen, its cheaper than $176 shipped? Is that with the cheapest shipping option?
  12. I am looking for a bandai VF-31 new in box or minty. Looking for a US seller as I am in the US.
  13. Yeah, I meant in the $150+ range would be great! Long time lurker. I picked up my VF1J bandai at Frank and Sons in industry,CA back in the day.
  14. Can you point me out to a place to get it for half off? 25s
  15. Which one has more metal? I hate plasticky toys. That's why I liked the chunky monkey.
  16. Hey guys, long time lurker here. My first and only purchase was a 2002 bandai 1/55 VF-1J reissue. Now for my second one, I am looking at a Arcadia Vf-0D, or a Bandai vf-25S renewal. Decisions, decisions...
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