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  1. I have a renewal VF-25S for sale. Transformed once. Everything is in great condition. Pictures up soon. SOLD Prices already includes shipping cost within continental US. Tracking and insurance included. Will prioritize the first person to inquire via PM. Payment via Paypal as a gift or add 4% to cover fees.
  2. AJ decided to finally ship mine.
  3. Thanks! That was a few pages down. It said shipping not available, but it went straight to the checkout page.
  4. I don't see anymore AJ sellers willing to ship to US. Any other place to get this cheaper than $270?
  5. I have a vf25S renewal. PM me
  6. How to buy from yahoo japan auctions? Do you have to use a 3rd party to do it?
  7. You started this thread. You taking away preorders from people who really want the item. That is scalping! Walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it's a duck!
  8. You are just a dirty scalper that makes this hobby more expensive.
  9. How much for a Renewal Bandai VF-25S in box? Good condition, transformed once.
  10. Thank you to @MikeRoz for an excellent transaction. Thank you to @nathans82 also for an excellent transaction.
  11. That head looks like a librarian wearing a chain on her glasses.
  12. KO looks great, but the price needs to come down. $80 would be my price point. Transformer masterpiece KOs are pretty good.
  13. I have a sealed Bandai DX VF-31S for sale. SOLD I am located in SoCal. Please add 4.5% for paypal or gift.
  14. The vendors all seemed overpriced. What did you guys think? I went to my first SD Con, and it was a small venue. I was expecting something else for some reason. But I had fun!
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