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  1. Anyone have a spare strike parts for sale?
  2. Yeah, thats the one thing about these, they are bare plastic. I wish they were painted.
  3. What was the Preorder price on the strike parts?
  4. That's a great price besides the preorder price.
  5. I ordered it. But it's my first time using mandarake. It says checking the stock? How does this work?
  6. Brand new and sealed $110 shipped. F&F paypal or add 4%. Thanks
  7. Hi, I have a MIB VF-11B. Transformed once and been sitting in it's box. Manual and stickers included. $380 shipped. F&F paypal or 4%.
  8. What was the PO price for the strike parts set?
  9. Thanks for the comment. Need some X-mas money.
  10. I have a mint and complete VF-11B with instructions. Transformed once and has been sitting in the box for a while. SOLD. 4% or F&F paypal. I am on the straight shooters list.
  11. Shoutout to @Alphahorizonfor a great transaction. Great communication.
  12. " Crap man, bad timing. I just had some big dollar problems come up yesterday. Sorry my man. "
  13. "I'm not suggesting that this is what it's worth. It's just what it's worth to me. $250 shipped in CONUS +4% PP fees. Thanks Jason" So we agreed to that price. This guy is full of crap folks.
  14. Amen! It doesn't matter how many posts you have on this site.
  15. We negotiated on the price and yet you backed out. crap happens, and that's fine. Or you changed your mind. Great. I want to expose you for all the tire kicking you do so everyone else is aware. You will make an excuse if you change your mind or not even answer PM's. How old are you? If you are 20 years old, then that makes sense.
  16. I just want other people to know about this guy. The way he wrote that PM, he's an a-hole. If you don't like the price, no need to comment on it. He didn't hurt my feelings at all. I am a 41 year old man and I don't have time to deal with anyone's BS. @jvmacrossYou sound like a dick too.
  17. This @sqidd buyer messaged me this: "I'm not trying to be dicky here. Just shooting you a note from my and possibly other people's perspective. When I saw you saw you ad posted I thought cool, that's on my must have list. The first thing I did was search the secondary market to see how your price stacked up. The conclusion. You're price isn't a bad price. But it's at bast fair market. There are a couple available out there at the same price or a little less that have never been transformed. If you're looking to sell with any expediency you're going to have to find someone who doesn't know how to search the secondary market. I'm not suggesting you drop your price. Just showing you another angle. At the end of the day something is worth as much as someone will pay for it. There is probably a buyer out there for you." Then he messages me this after saying he would take the item. " Crap man, bad timing. I just had some big dollar problems come up yesterday. Sorry my man. " Stay away from this guy. Then I notice he is buying another item from another seller. What an a-hole. If you changed your mind, that's fine. Don't be a dick about it. And don't write these condescending PM like I owe you anything on the price @sqidd
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