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  1. Just got a message saying I get a 10% discount on my next purchase as compensation for the mix up. Nice (and fast) costumer support Should have bought the Super VF-1J
  2. Well, my order has finally been send. The problem is that only half of it is traveling on an airplain. I had two messages with the same headline: One that said that my order had been send and the other telling me to disregard the first message because they couln’t find any VF-1S (even though they were in stock when I ordered mine), and were sending just the VF-1J. Good thing I opened both messages. Got my refund and all but If I had known they didn’t have the VF-1S I would have gotten the Super Pack VF-1J (wich was in stock at the time also). At lest they could have waited to see if I wanted anything else instead to save on the shipping costs... Oh well, at least I have a 1/48 on the way.
  3. Have you ever used the free shipping option they have? I chosed air parcel just to be sure
  4. Hi guys, I'm in the process of selling my soul to the devil. I've ordered a 1/48 VF-1S and a VF-1J for from www.angolz.com but they aren´t responding (this was done the 14 of May). My order is listed as pending Credit Check. I only got an automatic e-mail asking for prove that I was the credit card owner (wich I have already send). Have any of you ever bought from Angolz, Is this wait normal? By the way, $150 for a VF-1S and $145 for a normal VF-1J is a good price? I live in Spain, and the only shop that sells Yamato Macross stuff charges about $244 for a 1/48 valk and $110 for a FP set.
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