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  1. Great finale. The fight against the giant mecha felt epic enough. Giving closure to some of the bad guys of previous seasons was also nice as well as how Kuvira was finaly dealt with.

    Kudos to the writers for pulling of the ending so well considering the medium. Very classy.

    For a moment at the wedding I feared that they would hamfist Mako. Now that would have been forced. That relationship ended long ago and was glad to see they left it as them being loyal friends.

    Before the letter writing between Korra and Asami I remember talking to my brother of what a great character Asami was. She needed no bending mojo to kick serious ass. We felt sorry she always got the short end of the stick and half joked that the only character up to her would be the Avatar (like Nick would allow THAT!). Pairing Asami with a finally matured Korra feels like justice to the character.

  2. Hits my nostalgia buttom pretty hard the moment I see those doors. To CG looking though (sorry, I know that is the number one Internet bitching right now, but I call them like I see them).

    The mosquito that sucked blood from that huge marine reptile deserves a statue.

  3. I doubt the Giga releases will ever see the light of day : p

    It looks like they are comming along just fine :p


    From Gigapowers Facebook:

    Kept you waiting, huh? Sorry for that, we are busy finalizing Guttur and the others.

    We would like to share with you what we have been up to lately. We were not giving up nor selling our kidneys to be able to continue. We are fine, dont worry.

    We are looking for the right colours. These photos are just a test, let us know what do you think about them.

    The preorders will be up soon. Right now there are no real preorders, no matter what you might have seen around, be carefull.

    Get ready for pictures of more accessories next time. Can you guess what all accessories there will be?

    Btw. the translucent parts are just not present on these photos.

    These are photoshops of the chest in G1 toy look:



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