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  1. I actually half wonder if their "excuse" about pricing things lower is because AmiAmi picks up the damaged ones at a discount, and sells those off without looking at them.

    I suspected as much . I bought from them many times in the past , the quality of their mechandise is inferior compared with the same products from those in Japanese buyers' blogs; paint job, colouring , parts (I got items with broken parts from them also). 8 out of 10 of my purchases had problems and I got this letter (same writings as shown in above posts) from Ami Ami. At times, they tried to compensate by offering several hundred yens (not even enough to get a bowl of ramen). It is NOT the post office or the shipping, it is Ami Ami; they pick up crap and sell them to foreign buyers , probably reserve the good ones (if they do have any) to local Japanese customers.

    I will never buy from them again. Is Ami Ami really cheaper than others shops after combining with the shipping cost?? They always use oversized boxes , even with more than enough rooms for impact , etc.

    I won't even buy rubber bands from them!

  2. ok major agent,  if macrossx's posts arent the whole reason that editing posts is a good idea, then i dont know what it.  the dude has like 50 posts in a row,  all of which could have been added on to the last.

    by the way, no offense macrossx, this is from a dicussion that happened before you got here,  dont sweat it.

    It is amazing to see there are a few concentrating on my posts regarding the formats or style like they have not been done here before. I have observed how others posted their messages and they didn't seem to bother anyone. For some reasons, my posts managed to distinguish themselves from others with similiar styles and mine got noticed.

    I was counting the number of times I had posted for that one page, there are much less than 50 in a row as you mentioned. Many here have posted hundreds if not thousands of posts, they don't seem to bother anyone. Would I make a difference if I had spread out my messages instead of "in a row"? Would it make you happy if I combined those three pictures into one and posted it as one message!? The number of posts in a row would then be reduced by 2. Why would "editing" be related to the number of posts in a row?

    I don't come on often and only because I had a few free moments the past few days did I come on and responded to people who had been so "interested" in my posts which are nothing new to this board regarding format and style.

    This is a message board. There will be a lot of messages when someone has something to say. If they are not from me, they will be from someone else.

    I don't know why people are whining about this when there are other real problems that matter. I don't see people whining about why there are people living on the streets, or why senior people are not taken care of , or why Medicare is so expensive!

  3. Got a screen shot?

    A screen shot of the hieroglyphic writing or the incorrect sub at the end of the movie? As for the hieroglyphic writing, just keep an eye on the very beginning of the show and at the end of the show after they show the Macross Zero Logo, you will find the subs are at the wrong places.

    I can't provide any screen shots because the screen capturing tool I have can only capture the movie frames if they are overlaid using directX. My player doesn't use direct X for overlaying the images, so I can't capture the images.

  4. No, you don't understand, I've got the episode. This is for all of you who don't have it.

    I know you have the episode and would like to share the file. I am just saying that as a joke about how bittorrent "rewards" your downloading speed if you provide the upload bandwidth. I too let people "leech" my bandwidth after my download is completed. I stay on to serve others even though I have finished my download.

  5. First, was it really necessary to quote my entire message just to add that?

    Yes, it is necessary and the quote is not that long, so it shouldn't be a problem. The reason for quoting is that there can be a dozen of posts between your post and my response to your post. Other people reading my response would not realise to whom my reply was directed to if I did not include your original post. You are assuming that my response would be listed right after yours. You are also assuming that everyone would read every single post on the thread. Some might not have read your original post but have read my reply, they would be wondering to whom I was talking to. This is the internet, things happen quickly, there can be many responses between our replies.

    As I mentioned, I don't know much about the Mac environment. Some of my recording utilities I used to make movies require me to locate the encoder manually.

    As for codecs or operating environments, people choose what they want, I have no opinion on that.

    If it makes you happy and sleep better, I just edited out the quotes in the post.

    Incidentally, there are many here that also include the "nested" quotes in their posts, others don't seem to have any problem with that!

  6. I've got my upload on unlimited, and I'm only downloading at 1k......Oh, now it's 0....Ok, back to 1.... :(

    The way Bittorrent works is to rely on the unused upload bandwidth to serve people in the network. Your slow download might be because the person you are connecting to is limiting the bandwidth. In that case, he/she will not get a good return download bandwidth either. Sometimes, your download doesn't seem to be running, that might be because there is no one on the network that is serving that file.

    When I first logged on, my speed was around 1 to 4 k/s but gradually, it increased to over 120 or more k/s. My upload speed is usually around 100 k/s.

    I didn't set anything and used the default port settings, it works fine for me so far, I have been using Bittorrent for a while now.

    I think Torrent works better than WinMX or such because there is no nicknames for people to associate with, so there is no "trade only" scenario. People tend to be stingy about sharing the file or because thier ISPs charge the user for additional upload bandwidth, etc. For the former reason, you just have to share (you get the file from someone and you give the file to someone else).

  7. That was Amazing!

    Like Return of the King but early and with Mecha.:-D

    And the story too... I think Macross is finally growing up and becoming something you could show a non-anime fan; solid, like a Miyazaki film (well, at least visually).

    Infusion, You guys are brilliant!

    Its now on Edonkey and my Bittorrent is still open.



    BTW, If you are having trouble playing the file, get the K-Lite Codec Pack Here and install it. It includes a media player as well. Hope that works.

    I can understand one of the reasons why you want people to leach your bandwidth. I just let the upload bandwidth go unrerstricted, my download goes up enormously. I guess that is the idea behind Bit torrent.

  8. yeah, you need to download each codec individually, but the only format it really matters for is .ogg

    at least that is the only one that gave me problems. took me a week to be able to watch my zhentarim encoded first gundam, only to find out that it was (shudder) ENGLISH ONLY!!!! funk that, BUHleted!!!

    Personally, I prefer to download the codecs that I need just to keep the number of installations to the minimum. That keeps my system in a healthier state.

  9. I'm running Quicktime under Mac OS X and I can play the file fine with Quicktime Player. (The only problem is when I try to use the "reverse" button, QT Player quits.) Here's the secret, at least if you have a similar setup. Might apply to other setups as well.


    Oh I am just saying Quicktime doesn't play DivX on my Windows system. I don't know anything about the MAC version of Quicktime. I guess you can make it work since the player just has to find the correct codec just like Windows media player.

  10. Are those "alien" hieroglyphics (protoculture language?) the true representation of the words in the credit or they are just there because they look good? Just curious.

    Hmm, I didn't see any "alien" hieroglyphics in the end credits (I assume that's what you mean). I did see some Korean names mentioned in the credits. There was also the song lyrics in the subtitles for the closing the song in Japanese, Romaji and English. No "alien" looking language though.

    It is at the beginning when the movie starts, "infusion" has put their credits there including who the translator was , etc. You will see some hierglyphic writing just under the English names.

    At the endof the movie, the translation was on the wrong frame I think. (See my previous post on this thread).

  11. Yea, but I've had downloads which ended up corrupt at some point during download. I've installed every codec I can think of, tried different players, and messed with every setting that came to mind. The download, thanks to our unreliable cable connection, was terminated several times during the night as well.

    If you have a better idea, PLEASE feel free to indulge...  ;)

    Oh, in that case, I can only suggest re-downloading the file. I know Bittorrent can resume if you press the CANCEL button during download, I am not sure if you can resume if the file is corrupted due to disconnection. I know there are some utilities that might be able to recover corrupted DivX files but I don't know how reliable they are.

  12. ...still nothing....

    WMP doesn't even KNOW the format..... this is immensely frustrating..... Should I just re-download it?

    If you are using Windows, the file size should be 358,400KB.

    Do you have the most up-to-date version of DivX codec?

    Can you tell me what you see when you right click on the file name and select properties, then click on the "details" tab? It should say something about the media length, audio and video format.

  13. :angry: Nope, nothing. Quicktime won't even open it..... augh... redownload I guess...

    Hehe, I've had no luck with computers this week... just suffered a near fatal harddrive failure. I'm not sure HOW this laptop is still operable.

    I don't think Quicktime can play DivX avi files. It will play mp4 and regular avi files however.

  14. Okay, I've installed all the codecs mentioned on this site, updated my win media player, and the file wont play. Apparently, it will not recognize the filetype. Am I going to have to redownload this bloody thing?

    Oh yea... checked the download with bittorrent as well... claims to be a complete "successful" download. I'll try another video player, I guess.

    I am using Windows Media Player (6.4) (I refuse to use the most up-to-date version when the older version works, the newer one is usually more "bloated" :) ) and DivX 5.05 codec with the suggested version of AC3. It works fine for me.

  15. It took one and a half hours for my download. I guess the idea behind bit torrent is to share files, I shared the same amount of upload bandwidth/data to others so I guess I get a very decent download bandwidth as well.

    Although I had the movie already, I downloaded it to see the quality of this subbed version. The file looks nice though I haven't had time to watch all 30 mins of it. I am wondering why the sub says "chapter 3 , Blue death match" when the original frame says "Next chapter, Jungle" at the end of the movie.

    When it advertises the schedule for episode 4 (2004 , Spring), the sub says "Jungle". Is it out of sync? Was the subbed frames overlapped onto the original frames but out of sync at the end? How does the sub work?

    Are those "alien" hieroglyphics (protoculture language?) the true representation of the words in the credit or they are just there because they look good? Just curious.

  16. azrael wrote:


    You know...there is the "quote" button. I suggest using it as it does help with readability.....

    Actually, I was trying to make it more readable by quoting your point individually instead of quoting the whole paragraph. You would see my replies to each of your points I wanted to respond to. It saves you from reading back and forth between our correspondence. It is a better organised format. Of course, I could also do some editing in the quote entry field to achieve the same format.

  17. For real, some of you bitch too much about the minor details. Does it matter if it's the Prometheus? What if the ASKA/Asuka is destroyed by the end of the series, hmm??

    Actually as I mentioned. I am too old to whine or bitch about anything. The series just doesn't have any story to talk about... A great show for CGI graphics for sure.

  18. azrael wrote:

    >>And it ain't movin from the area either. The story doesn't look like it's going to space or South Ataria...

    The whole thing feels like a stimulated vacation in the Carribean.

    >>We still have 2 more episodes...we'll have our answer soon enough. No need to spend time figuring out what those "thingies" are.

    I was just referring to the drawings. Difficult to tell whether it is a robot, or something organic.

    >>Concerning Prometheus, yeah well, what are you going to do? So they didn't include her in the series at the moment, no need to cry about it. :p

    By using the word "thingies", I might have given you the wrong impression about my age. After all these years, nothing depresses me any more. Crying and whining are just not my thing. Wait ....I did cry.....I was chopping that small onion the other night. What a tears bomb for something that small. :)

    Actually, the series has been lame so far. The story is not as creative. If one is the fan of the CG, then the series is worth watching. I also found it a bit short (30 mins).

    Was there ever an official published timeline (besides the obvious ones indicated by various Macross shows)? I don't mean those on the Macross Compendium (I am not even sure where they came from).

  19. I think I am the only one not paying attention to the Valks in any of the Macross series. I think it is time for me to get familiar with these work horses. Could someone give me the names of all the valks in the entire series (from Macross Zero, Macross to Plus, Macrosss Seven , etc) in the following format?

    Name of VF ________appeared in (series/OVA)________ comments (any unique weapons and features)_____________

    I am sure Macross Compendium will have some info. but I need a tabular form for the info.

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