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  1. Can you send me some pictures of the built kits. A few of the color option sounds really great
  2. Interested in GX-06 and 3Z mazinger Z. What are the conditions of the figures?

    WTB: VF-19S

    Send me a message. I have 1/48 stuff you want
  4. How many is in a complete set? I preordered a set from BBTS long time ago dont remember the detail.
  5. Thanks. Let me think about it. It is difficult to explain to my wife why a man in his thirties would collect these girls.
  6. Metal build Avalanche Exia Weapon Plus (Used only displayed complete with box and instructions´╝ë+Optional Parts (Sealed in shipper) 500 Metal Build Astray Gold Fram (Sealed bought from BBTS) 225 Metal Build ARX-8 Laevatein (Sealed bought from JApan the first release) 225 PM me for pic please
  7. Bandai never specify the scale but i think they are 1/60
  8. Bump Feel free to send me questions or offers.
  9. Hello, trying to get rid of the last macross stuff that I don't really need. I am in Texas and prices are before postage and paypal fees if you are not comfortable with friends and family option. BTW I am on straight shooter list and a lot of folks here has bought from me happily. Unless I specify, everything is opened and displayed with box, paperwork and all the accessories. I have not been in the market for a while so if you have a reasonable price in mind feel free to pm me. If you have Bearbricks in the 200%, 400% and 1000% scale, or Chogokin/Gokin mecha (no super robot chogokin), or products of Coarse please pm me. We can trade 1. Bandai Macross MQ. Two small cannons broke off but should be an easy fix with putty. Has box, all the accessories and paperwork. 100 2. Yamato 1/60 Destroid Tomahawk Oliver drab version-Weathered 200 3. Yamato Q-Rau Miria (with pilot) and Max. Both displayed for a short while 250 4. Yamato YF-19 Weathered 300 5. Yamato 1/100 VB-6 (HMR Scale) 160 6. Arcadia VF-1J 30th Anniversary (New) 150 7. Bandai V2 YF-29 Ozma SP New 70
  10. Hello, I need to sell my Yamato SDF-1 in the 1/3000 Scale fully painted version (not the kit). You will receive the box and instructions and all the accesories. It was bought brand new and I have not touched the turrets yet. All I did was taking it out, installing the arms displaying it I am asking for 800 plus paypal fees and postage. I can get you pictures if you want after 10pm central time tonight but just let you know the box is in good shape and no major blemishes. I will also list an MIB VFX soon. The VFX has some minor issue and I will post the pictures and add a price. I on SSL and have dealt with many good folks here by the way. Picture of SDF
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