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  1. I've been using BBTS for way more than a decade at this point - and whilst reliability is a strong point (I think in hundreds of orders I've had one item that they've cancelled on me) - speed is fair. It's not awful and it's not lightening quick. However given what a mess global shipping is at this point ... well patience is key. It can take a few days between clicking ship and it showing up on tracking, but stuff is generally well packed. Their service is great - whenever I've had a problem with a figure (maybe 3 or 4 times since the early 2000's) or so they've sent replacements out without fuss. I ordered the same VF-25 from them you did. It's good to be able to order from them again -I got some of my original Valks from them back when they carried Yamato releases (including an Ivanov) (they stopped carrying Macross Valks at some stage but I couldn't say exactly when - but I definitely got a VF-11, a bunch of VF-1s including the Stealth and Forest camo ones from them in the distant past). Pre-ordering from them in future (assuming they get the figure) will be less stressful than from the Japanese retailers - but likely more expensive and you'll get your figure later. TF Source, another American retailer I frequently use, also is carrying this figure. Their shipping is faster that BBTS, but they sometimes get figures a few weeks later.
  2. Oooh nice, that's my photo & tweet 😉
  3. Hmm - premium Luna Park - seems they figured out what was obvious to the rest of us - that if you charge us a small fee or reward us based on repeat custom, we'll bend over backwards to spend money with you.
  4. Psychologists could write books on our ritual self punishment during these preorders. (Attenborough Voice: Why do they keep doing this to themselves? See their hands move to the F5 key. Their heart rate increase as the anointed time approaches)
  5. 1D from both NY and Okini arrived at the same time in Oz (I ordered from Okini expecting NY to flake - they still haven't on me but I'm glad I was able to snatch a 31-AX from HLJ and not have to test my resolve again)
  6. From the "Wonders Never Cease" department - a Prep in Progress email from NY. (Though nothing so far from Okini who I ordered from after coming to the conclusion that NY would flake)
  7. And it arrived - so maybe the comment about "changing management" is actually true? I still have a 1D on order there - I was going to file a paypal dispute for that based on these parts not arriving, but I guess now that they have delivered, I'll have to see how the 1D turns out (went for a second 1D with Okini - but haven't used them before). Wish I had the nerves for this hobby - plastic toys cause more stress than work!
  8. I placed it 6 July 2020 (I think within a few minutes of it going up) so should have been in that initial round delivered in Jan as well. I also upgraded the shipping to the most expensive option in Dec because I'd noticed they were more likely to send out stuff with more expensive shipping (I got my missile sets that way) before sending out stuff that was using cheaper options. I got an apology note a few weeks ago about a change of management pasted below.
  9. On the "I should have bought a lottery ticket" front - just got a shipping notification for the Roy parts from NY. Not going to believe it until I have them, but there's a tracking number even.
  10. I went with Anime Export (because I've finally jumped off the NY bandwagon even though they have sent me a note saying that they were bad and now they would be good and the only thing they stuffed up for me was the Roy parts) - so have all the nervousness of not using someone like HLJ or AmiAmi whom I trust. I also have an Okiniland for the 1D for the same reason. Hopefully with this rights thing righted or whatever state it's in, production runs are going to be expanded and this might become a little less fraught. I understand the idea of the experiment about posting separately, but also agree that I the results are in, people are posting here, and that this place has had years of doing it a specific way and it's messy but it works for people because they are still doing it that way. Unless mods want to get to the point of nuking posts in this thread and constantly reminding people they should post in the other thread, the experiment has been run (these things almost always either work straight off or not and it's up to people to decide if they want to keep paddling a sinking ship in the hopes of changing something). (speaking of experiments, a "green / yellow / red" scorecard for vendors might work if posted at the top of this forum as there is probably a consensus on which vendors are reliable and which are not and those which the jury is out on)
  11. I've still given up on this actually arriving, but I was very surprised to see this note from NY in my inbox about my Focker parts (I figure I'll have to track them down on Manda)
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