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  1. And it arrived - so maybe the comment about "changing management" is actually true? I still have a 1D on order there - I was going to file a paypal dispute for that based on these parts not arriving, but I guess now that they have delivered, I'll have to see how the 1D turns out (went for a second 1D with Okini - but haven't used them before). Wish I had the nerves for this hobby - plastic toys cause more stress than work!
  2. I placed it 6 July 2020 (I think within a few minutes of it going up) so should have been in that initial round delivered in Jan as well. I also upgraded the shipping to the most expensive option in Dec because I'd noticed they were more likely to send out stuff with more expensive shipping (I got my missile sets that way) before sending out stuff that was using cheaper options. I got an apology note a few weeks ago about a change of management pasted below.
  3. On the "I should have bought a lottery ticket" front - just got a shipping notification for the Roy parts from NY. Not going to believe it until I have them, but there's a tracking number even.
  4. I went with Anime Export (because I've finally jumped off the NY bandwagon even though they have sent me a note saying that they were bad and now they would be good and the only thing they stuffed up for me was the Roy parts) - so have all the nervousness of not using someone like HLJ or AmiAmi whom I trust. I also have an Okiniland for the 1D for the same reason. Hopefully with this rights thing righted or whatever state it's in, production runs are going to be expanded and this might become a little less fraught. I understand the idea of the experiment about posting separately, but als
  5. I've still given up on this actually arriving, but I was very surprised to see this note from NY in my inbox about my Focker parts (I figure I'll have to track them down on Manda)
  6. Ah, the guy on the YouTube vid was talking about 1/60 & diecast, but I suspected something was up when I didn't see it here - deleted the post content above.
  7. <Deleted>
  8. It's up on the site that shall not be named for those of an adventurous bent.
  9. Got mine from AmiAmi last Thursday
  10. NY shipped my GX-93 Arcadia last week, but it was one of the ones that you didn't have to pre-pay for and I paid a few days before they shipped - so they aren't dead in the way that Chronicle Collectibles are (who took a hefty pre-order payment for a Moya Farscape replica that has vanished into the ether - I have the Chronicle Ent-D which is two grand on pre-order through BBTS where BBTS asked for a down payment of about $500, so it will be interesting to see if BBTS refund that if Chronicle are as dead as their bankruptcy proceedings suggest ).
  11. Odd that if this was a "patched" version, they didn't fix that particular bug.
  12. When you see Projekt Zero Three's amazing pics and the thing that you see first is the shoulder ;-/
  13. While I can't say it hasn't been frustrating, NY has always come through for me in the end. I got my 31As. I've got my super parts and missiles. Wasn't when everyone else got theirs, but they did turn up. They aren't amiami or HLJ or Manda, but they're not nin-nin ;-). So while I pre-ordered this one at HLJ because that was the first place I found it, I'd have ordered it at NY if that had come up first.
  14. https://www.hlj.com/1-60-scale-kanzen-henkei-vf-4-a-lightning-iii-hikaru-ichijyo-use-premium-finish-aca82155 Up at HLJ in Premium Form
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