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  1. I had the original and sold it long ago, so I'm in for this new release.
  2. Looks good, can't wait for it to be ready. These should sell well.
  3. Agree, that Ozma in Gerwalk is bad@ss! Nice pic.
  4. I prefer the Gerwalk mode on Valks, it is my fav.
  5. Thanks to Mechamaniac! My collection is slowly growing. The YF-29 was exactly as described.
  6. Positive for both sellers Newtype78 & Technoblue. Received both items quickly & securely packaged. Many thanks to you both.
  7. Late to the game here, but I am for sure ordering this. For folks here in the US, where would be the best place to order from when it does go up? Fair price and secure shipping? Thanks
  8. Positive feedback for Duymon who sold me a new YF-30 Chronos. Shipped quickly & securely packaged. Thanks
  9. My collection so far, Toynami Masterpiece Scott & Rand Cyclones. DYRL Yamato 1/60: VF-1S Strike, VF-1A Max, VF-1A Hikaru. I've got a 1/48 TV version VF-1A in the mail and then the YF-30 Chronos. Hoping to score some V2 versions and more of the newer Bandai Macross Chogokin. My collecting has been mostly Hot Toys these past years, but I want to get back to my favorite line which is Macross. Any suggestions would help. Thanks
  10. YF-30 Chronos from fellow boardie Duymon. I like it and have the buy another bug, what fighter should I go for next? Thanks
  11. Went ahead and pre-ordered, it looks really good. The review was helpful in making the choice. I'm new here and a long time fan so I don't want to pass on anything related Macross. I already missed out these past years so time to catch up.
  12. $230. shipped from a fellow boardie here. Can't wait to get it, it looks really sharp.
  13. Latest buy was the Roy VF-1S Strike Valk from Yamato in 1/60 scale. Ordered a DYRL Max VF-1A also. Looking for the newer 1/60 Max TV version, I like the paint scheme.
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