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  1. I am selling both my Arcadia VF-0D Shin Kudo & a Yamato SV-51r Ivanov from the Macross Zero series. Both are brand new and have never been removed from their inner trays. Color display boxes are in good condition. Pictures are of the actual fighters for sale. VF-0D SOLD & SV-51r Ivanov SOLD. Shipping is not included, you can contact me for shipping quote. I cover paypal fees and I am on the straightshooters list. Thanks and shoot me a pm with any questions. I am also selling my Bandai DX Chogokin Macross Frontier VB-6 Koenig Monster. Displayed in Gerwalk mode then transformed back to shuttle mode and repackaged in original color display box. VB-6 SOLD
  2. Yes that is the weatherstrip foam tape I used on all 4 of my detolfs dapro, it works pretty good on sealing the gaps between the glass around the swing open door. I followed a video on youtube posted by a collector on how he did it.
  3. Hello and thanks for dropping in. Baby on the way in August so time to let some stuff go. Buyer pays for shipping, I cover the paypal fees. I am on the Straightshooters list. All items come from a smoke/pet free home. I will describe as best I can, if you require further detail or pics just send me a pm. Thanks. Bandai YF-30 Chronos. Never transformed. Displayed in fighter mode. Complete. $210. (SOLD) alphaEJ Bandai YF-25 Prophecy. Never transformed. Displayed in fighter mode. Complete. $155. Bandai VF-25S Ozma 1st release. Transformed a few times. Complete. $110. 1/60 Yamato VF-19S Emerald Force. Never transformed. Displayed in fighter mode. Complete. $155. 1/60 Yamato SV-51r Ivanov. Brand new. Never displayed or played with. $220. 1/60 VF-22S Miria. Brand new. Never displayed or played with. $180. 1/60 Arcadia VF-0D. Brand New. Never displayed or played with. $300. Toynami Robotech Masterpiece VR-052T Cyclone Rand. Brand new & sealed. SOLD Bandai S.H. Figuarts Piccolo. New & sealed. SOLD Hot Toys Terminator Salvation John Connor version 1. Briefly displayed. Complete. $180. no shipper Hot Toys G.I. JOE Storm Shadow. Briefly displayed & as a bonus includes both metal Snake Eye swords. Complete. $180. no shipper Hot Toys DX-07 Luke Skywalker Exclusive. Briefly displayed. Complete. $500. no shipper Hot Toys Iron Man 1/6 scale LED display stand. Light-up works fine. Complete. $45.
  4. Finally got mine today. Took their time! Unbox tomorrow.
  5. Mine has not left Los Angeles yet and has been there since the 30th. It took 1 day to get from Osaka to LA, I wonder what's taking so long.
  6. Paid and waiting for update from NY
  7. Updated with new items. Thanks to those who have bought from me. Every little bit helps.
  8. Evan Noble off Facebook? If so, what happened to the armored parts you offered me for $100.?
  9. Received mine today from Lunar and the box is good to go, guess I was lucky.
  10. Ikea coming to town, need more detolfs of may go in for a besta. Pics looking great fellows! Wish I never got out of Macross collecting these past years since it seems to be costing me more than it should.
  11. Mine says the 14th delivery, that's pretty slow for FedEx.
  12. Shipped from NY. 1st overseas order for me. Price was very fair. Didn't want to miss out.
  13. Positive for g3173. Received quickly & I am very pleased with the 2 Valks. Thanks
  14. Please send my refund immediately, guess I was too late. Oh well!
  15. I like it as is and wouldn't attempt to alter it for the amount it cost me. To each his own I say!
  16. This looks pretty good. I won't mind adding to the collection if the price isn't too high. Finding somewhere to display it is another thing, the wife may freak.
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