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  1. Hi folks, looking for both VF-25S renewal (either grey or purple gun) and the super parts for $275 (negotiable). I have an extra VF-25 gunpod and VF-25G sniper for trade if that helps. I have tons of SH Figuarts Star Wars, including a lot of rares.
  2. dur

    Hi-Metal R

    Anyone know how old this image is? I just thought it was interesting to see that this prototype has the gun underneath whereas we haven't seen this recently.
  3. dur

    Hi-Metal R

    Does anyone know where the gunpod goes in non-SAP fighter mode? I'm personallly just wondering how much parts-swapping this will have. I really love the HMR vf-1 except for how many pieces need to get switched out for battroid!
  4. Ooops brain fart- that should be "before shipping." Lots of good deals though: if you keep going through the "log into paypal" process (turn off auto login) it may help. That's what got the coupon code working for me.
  5. I got it to work too! For anyone who is having issues, just KEEP trying! Almost as bad as PO madness, lol... BTW vf-31a is a juicy deal for this one! $210ish shipped!
  6. Hmm, the coupon has bugged out- anyone getting this to work? I see a lot of complaints on ebay community members
  7. Just in case you haven't heard: anything under "collectibles" is 20% off!!!! Here's a plug: https://www.ebay.com/sch/timothygso/m.html?item=322815897560&hash=item4b2953afd8%3Ag%3AVRoAAOSw2GlZ26Gd&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Use code PROMONYCC This deal ends tonight at midnight PDT
  8. Hi folks, just wanted to see if I could get a little help with the VF-25G renewal gerwalk support/sniper rifle holder. I have come into the possession of a spare sniper rifle, and I have a VF-25A ready to convert into a sniper, but I didn't realize that the fighter mode holder is dependent on a part unique to the 25G. Anyone out there able to lend a helping hand with a close up picture/3D model?
  9. This is the first Macross series I've actually tried to watch: I've otherwise just been a valk junkie. I wouldn't mind if a movie came out if it meant armor parts/"something something pack" that looked better than the ugly VF-31 super packs. Knowing how the series is going though, it'll probably be a lolimaid costume for battroid mode.
  10. Hi, I managed to score a discounted armor set, but it was discount because it's missing the replacement plates that the shoulder missiles mount to. From my eyeball examination, it looks similar enough to the VF super mount, but does anyone own both and would be willing to confirm for me? Is that ball socket exactly the same? If they're the same, I'm going to try to 3D print or resin cast off of my super parts. If not... I suppose I could always design my own way of mounting...
  11. dur

    WTB: vf-19 advance

    Just like the title says, I'm looking for one, damaged is totally fine as I'm planning on repainting! I have a vf-25S renewal Ozma (grey gun) in very good condition if you're open to that plus cash.
  12. I'll add I LOVE sun damaged stuff! It makes me less nervous about adding my paints on top! (a.k.a. this is a bump )!
  13. Hi, I'm hoping to try to make a heatshield that can stick onto the clear canopy rather than having a parts swap (i'll figure out how to hide it in the fighter later!) I was about to start sanding/cutting/milling away at my heat shield, but then I thought, I'm sure there's a way to do this with a two part mold so that I can get a perfectly conforming heatshield rather than me trying to guess! Does anyone have any advice on how I would go about this project? I'm thinking if I make a mold of the heat shield and then use the clear canopy as the other side of the resin mold, I'd be able to make a heatshield just right.
  14. Hi Jason, I'm a mechanical engineer who works with injection molded parts. If there is enough demand, may I suggest trying proto-mold? 3D printing is a great technology, but as soon as you hit 10+ samples doing a low-run an aluminum mold or RIM mold might be more efficient (not to mention a heck of a lot stronger!!!!) Feel free to PM me if you have more questions: this is an awesome project and I'd love to help in any way I can!
  15. dur

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Many thanks to the open-hearted MW'ers here who were willing to post the information: I managed to secure a preorder at HLJ for my very first non-secondary market Macross purchase: feels kinda good, but kinda sad too since not all of us got one I used my iphone at HLJ and while it took a long time, I didn't get any load errors or anything (maybe there's a more forgiving timeout on the phone?)- by the time I checked out 15 minutes had passed! It's still in my orders bucket as of today (crossing fingers).
  16. dur

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Sorry for the newb question... How does one exactly participate in pre-order madness? Do you just got to all the shops hitting refresh until something happens? (And this is supposed to be 4pm 8/1 Japan time?) I've never actually purchased a non-used macross fig...I'd kinda like to know that that's like
  17. If you're sure you're going to prefer your TV style head, I'm willing to buy your DYRL head! Let me know and we can work something out!!! Or maybe you're thinking of cutting your cost by $15 or so? I can help you make your purchase easier!
  18. Thank you!!!! I'm going to try the hobby base 1/144 hands. The scale of my project is whatever scale the hi-metal R's are in. I don't mind if the hands are a little too big either, as the hi-metal has some popeye arms that might look ok with those anyways. The main thing is if I can cram them into the housing for non-swapping.
  19. I considered low temp, but I've warped some of my other toys before trying to use stuff like cerakote (though if you have an all-metal toy, cerakote and gunkote are definitely more scratch resistant, though also more prone to big chips when the finish finally does wear off: though it probably took me like 1000 draws from my kydex holster for that to happen!) I couldn't help myself and started transforming it recently, since I knew I'd need to do a touch up on some areas anyways: even at 2 days cure, the finish is hard enough that it won't wear off, though the dull did change to shiny on a few parts that rub. Once it's fully cured, I'm going to transform a bunch of times, locate problem areas, and abrade those areas for better paint adhesion. When these firearm type paints dry, it becomes like a layer of ceramic and so is very, very much tougher than acrylic, which is essentially a thin coating of plastic. Again, even with the partial cure, none of the tabs is showing any paint coming off after putting it through Bat/Ger/Fighter several times. PS: I started a VF-25A that I'll post pics of soon as well
  20. Hi folks, I know a lot of people on this board overlap hobbies with Gundam and Transformers. I'm hoping to do some custom work on my low-vis VF-1 and am hoping to use some third party fully articulated hands: would anyone know which brand makes the smallest? I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to cut some plastic up, but the smaller the hands are to start the easier it will be for me. I know of Kotobukiya's MG 1/100 offerings and KFC's offerings: not sure which would make the better project base. If you even could just take a picture of the hi-metal R hands next to some stock Gundam 1/100 mg hands or some transformer masterpiece hands, that would help me avoid buying superfluous robot hands that are beyond hope in size. Thanks!
  21. Just thought I'd add: I received a VF-25S and VF-25G tornado parts set exactly as described, well packaged: great seller! Highly recommended (shoutout to the Houston peeps!!!)
  22. P.S.: I could really use some advice on teh super/strike parts color!! I know I want them to be some kind of neutral gray, but I can't decide on whether to go darker than the valk's color or brighter. I'm thinking dark gray (like panzer schwarzgrau ish) might be cool, but I somehow feel the "almost whitish" color packs some modelers use just feels a tad more military. Or, I could just lather on the light blue love, but I think that might not look so great as it would probably start looking like a blob. Help me choose?!
  23. I sure know how to get distracted! Cleaning up the weathering before a final top coat... thought I'd post latest progress (and supers!) I like to use water-based weathering so I can adjust it. Problem is, I keep adjusting it... I'm never happy. Oh well. Updating first post with most recent pics:
  24. Hi, wondering if anyone has his/her hands on that ever-elusive VF-25G renewal and could cad up a Dragunov for us plebes who can't plop down $300 just to get the rifle
  25. Hi, I'm primarily a toy customizer/modeller trying to dip my feet into Macross. If you've got scuffed up/messed up stuff you're trying to unload, please let me know!
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