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  1. At this point, crack is looking to be a more affordable hobby.
  2. Is there an end to this? I just dropped $314 for Roy. Max cost me $250. Kaki and Hikaru was $280 each. Now $314 for Roy? I honestly don’t know how to feel about this.
  3. For the first time ever, im hesitating to open these toys. thanks to @mantisfists for the Mandarake tip on Max thanks to @sqidd for Hikaru and Kakizaki
  4. Big thanks to @sqidd for DX VF-1S and VF-1A. Excellent all around experience.
  5. Forgot about the protest last Friday. The delivery is now scheduled for tomorrow. My Mandarake order for Max was $261 total including DHL. My jungle order is still pending.
  6. That’s been my experience as well until recently. Not too worried. The package has been sitting in San Francisco for four days. 4540 yen.
  7. Damnit. Just ordered 1. This will be my second 1/48 DX. I haven’t received the one I ordered from Mandarake yet even with DHL it’s been well over a week.
  8. That’s beautiful
  9. I’ll drink to that At least I know who to blame.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. Just completed the transaction. Came up to $261 with DHL shipping. This will be my first 1/48.
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