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  1. Any way to tell the reissue from the original?
  2. I'll try to post a pic of mine.
  3. I'll try to post a picture, but I'm pretty sure I threw out most of the "detritus" a while back.
  4. For anyone who has the Yamato 1/24 Patlabor Ingrams, have the cloth joint coverings on your begun to disintegrate? The fabric on mine appears to be "flaking" off, for lack of a better term. The figure has just been stored out of the package but in a plastic tub all this time. Rarely moved or posed it at all. Is this happening to anyone else's toy?
  5. For anyone who has Yamato's 1/12 Turbo Custom Scopedog, have the feet of your toy...leaked? A few years back, I noticed what I can only describe as a gravel looking substance at the bottom of my Turbo Custom's feet. It was dark grey, a bit sticky and seemed to be coming from inside the feet near the wheels. As time went on, more of the stuff just appeared at the bottom of the feet. Has this happened to anyone else?
  6. Wow! Thanks for all of the suggestions, no3ljm and sketchley! Will definitely check them out and report back!
  7. I suggest not forcing the issue too much. Your son is going to like what he's going to like. I, too, tried to get my 3-year old started with Transformers Rescue Robots, but that did not last long. What's important is that when he does show interest, you're all set with your Revoltechs.
  8. Anybody have tips for toy shopping in Sapporo, Japan? Going there (and only there!) next month.
  9. I guess this renders the Metal Material Model Aile Strike Gundam obsolete.
  10. Anyone know the scale of the Terminator Hunter Killer Aerial and Tank?
  11. Wow. I guess people are still buying this. Maybe the QC issues are isolated cases?
  12. The 1/60 Nu Gundam reminds me of the 1/35 (!) GFF RX-78 that was shown several years back http://ngeekhiong.blogspot.com/2009/08/gff-tamashii-collectors-135-gundam-rx.html
  13. Pretty sure Robotech also aired in the Philippines in English on Sunday mornings (usually missed it because of church) on GMA 7 or some other local network. It was later also aired on cable (Star World).
  14. Aren't the FMP Metal Builds in a different "scale" from the Gundam Metal Builds?
  15. What's the difference with the previous release? is it just the markings?
  16. Chet

    Hi-Metal R

    Are the markings on the new Regults decals?
  17. This is a series that could be interesting with a proper reimagining/reboot. Just toss out the whole Gloire/Liberte/Zor story and keep the awesome armor designs. Then revive the original "feudal japan in the future or post-apocalypse" setting. Could be fun!
  18. Big West should really rethink the pricing of their license fees. Their legal stand off/stalemate/status quo with HG means any potential licensee's market is severely limited from the get go, forcing them to charge a premium for smaller production runs. The high individual price of a licensee's product then makes cheaper KOs more attractive. If these KOs turn Arcadia and Bandai off from the Macross license, then Big West will be left with a lucrative license but no takers. Better to lower the license fees to more realistic levels (possibly shifting more revenue to a larger, but fair, percentage of the licensee's actual sales?), encourage more licensing, move more product and make KOs irrelevant. Licensees should also maximize the widest distribution available (e.g. give HLJ, et al. more access to stock) rather than force artificial scarcity and demand (e.g. making products only available through web stores that can solely be accessed by Japan residents etc.).
  19. Didn't know the atlas was based on the scopedog.
  20. So are there any "final" numbers for this film? Loss/break even? I guess its too much to hope that they did well enough to justify a sequel.
  21. Chet

    Hi-Metal R

    Which Godzilla is that? I'm guessing the SH Monsterarts 1989 Kou Kyou Kyoku?
  22. Can this be sold outside Japan, or does HG have a lock on Mospeada merch too?
  23. OK, so HK was cancelled. Any tips for toy shopping in Seoul? Will be there end of the month.
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