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  1. @Xigfrid will you eventually release the V2 on shapways?
  2. I was just thinking about how there isn't any stampede valk kits and then here you are, doing just that.
  3. Ratchet pullout, then just a big solid foreward/backward free hinge. Little disappointed on that one, I mean it's not like bandai copyrighted the ball joint. Thanks man! I have a poor camera and an even worse apartment mess. Seemed like a good idea to use the box as a backdrop.
  4. Very sturdy in Gerwalk! Considering some of the things said about the yamato toy, this is very nice. The hinged shoulder and locking piece is very good at keeping the wings from falling backwards, and the hinges seem to hold well for now. Only concern is the right shoulder pivot being slightly loose, but still holds nicely when left alone. Careful when pulling out the landing gear for the first time too!
  5. Guess I'm the 1 in a million. Then again, I don't suppose the SV-51 is in huge demand.
  6. Has anyone else ever used 1999.co to purchase valks? They're my go to but I've never done a pre-order with them before.
  7. Last off topic post- My personal favourite valk of all time is the YF-21/VF-22. The zentrandi design motifs combined with a YF-23 black widow body was just beautiful. While I know the chance is next to none, I hope bandai releases a DX VF-22 because of it's brief use in delta, like they did for the 19 in the frontier movie.
  8. Same here. On a side note I find it slightly disappointing that some of the most interesting valks designs are the most underappreciated in the fandom because they aren't used by the MC of a series.
  9. Hobby search re-opened pre-orders, but they were closed for a while.
  10. Thanks for the update Jason! Almost over the mountain eh?
  11. Good to hear Jason! Do you have any pics?
  12. So, just to get things straight. The gloss finish is good for putting the decals on, but the matte finish is not. Right?
  13. Spectacular! Thank you for dedicating so much time to this in spite of everything that's been happening...
  14. That's a reasonable price, considering the size and complexity. I think quite a few people would buy it, myself included.
  15. It's a TSF (Tactical Surface Fighter) from the visual novel "MuvLuv:(Ultimate) & (Alternative)". First muv luv was a regular sex VN, but then they did a alternate universe spinoff with mechs that everyone loved, so now it has a manga, a few anime series not focused on the VN story, and model kits from Kotobukiya and toys from a few other producers.
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