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  1. Do you got a pic of the mospeada figure and the stress mark?
  2. Thanks to @locidm for easy transaction. Picked up a Yamato VF-1A build kit. All good.
  3. Thanks to @Corrinald for an ways transaction. All good
  4. Thanks to @Jasonc for the easy transaction. Got my stuff. All good
  5. Made a purchase last year that I never gave a shout out to the seller, thank you for the easy transaction @Duymon good experience (yes I know it's almost a new year lol)
  6. Great buy experience with @sqidd He was informative, upfront about condition of item, received item quickly, good communication! Thanks again @sqidd
  7. I need 4 pairs of TV series VF1 Valk hands for my Yamato 1/48 DYRL Valks. Any one got any or know where I can get some? Please let me know, thanks in advance
  8. You can always ask the guy who makes the Yetistand to design one for you. Sometimes he does that
  9. It’s a sticker, not a water slide decal or anything like that?
  10. Thanks to @spanner . Easy transaction and received exactly what was pictures and written
  11. Thanks to @Duymon , easy transaction. Got exactly was pictured and written.
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