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  1. Let’s see what you guys got. Not trying to get a loan to buy a set. Thanks in advance.
  2. Let me see what you guys got! Looking for a set that I don’t have to take a loan out for. Thanks!
  3. Making more fighters is cool and all but can we get the last Cyclone??? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I feel the same...I think I was talking to dude on Facebook about that. If I saw a preview or some other work...550....wouldn't be bad at all for a custom.
  5. Three if you include M7.....
  6. Pre-orders up on Ami-ami....
  7. How has the window for this completely closed!! AND it's a PRE-ORDER!!! I hate being deployed...miss all the good stuff!!
  8. Damn that sucks!! I really wish these were still avail!! OR freaking Beagle made the whole set before they folded!!
  9. Well I just got my VF-0A and I already had the VF-0S with the booster...yep getting this when ever it comes out!!
  10. DAMMIT MAN!!! I was only going to get the VF-0A...I already have the older version VF-0S. I guess I can get the A and display this with just the armor and the S in fighter with the drone/booster attached. Man....thank you for such life changing decisions MACROSS!!!
  11. I keep my boxes too and my boxtris is getting bad!! I'd show photos but I'm deployed...the struggle to be the most efficient with storage space is what is keeping my collection small. I envy you guys with the massive collections but the boxtris is the real problem!
  12. Does the game work in all PS3's?? Or is it coded for Asia?
  13. Shout out to Nightingale!! You helped my get my VF-4G and it was a quick and easy transaction!! She arrived 2 days ago Japan time and was still in pristine excellent condition!! Once again thanks man!!!
  14. I never saw that prototype!! Man if it was that damn close why not do a limited run. Arcadia won't touch it probably because of licensing and Toynami won't as the initial run was when the market was crashing and no one had the cash to really invest in those. Man I got those with hopes of having a complete collection!! Marcus Alpha...nah I'm good, but I would take a Maia Beta! At least Toynami got the Beta's working right!!
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