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  1. Let’s see what you guys got. Not trying to get a loan to buy a set. Thanks in advance.
  2. Let me see what you guys got! Looking for a set that I don’t have to take a loan out for. Thanks!
  3. Making more fighters is cool and all but can we get the last Cyclone??? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I feel the same...I think I was talking to dude on Facebook about that. If I saw a preview or some other work...550....wouldn't be bad at all for a custom.
  5. Three if you include M7.....
  6. Pre-orders up on Ami-ami....
  7. How has the window for this completely closed!! AND it's a PRE-ORDER!!! I hate being deployed...miss all the good stuff!!
  8. Damn that sucks!! I really wish these were still avail!! OR freaking Beagle made the whole set before they folded!!
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