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  1. But to set a bunch of context, odds are the SDF-1 crew were thinking short-term while choosing a place to land, and not about rebuilding the planet. After the battle, the ship was probably busted to heck and back and HAD to land, or else lose the ship entirely - it was probably venting too much atmosphere to make staying in orbit (where presumably the remaining rebel Zentradi would help) an option. So, with literally only minutes or at most a few hours to figure things out, they detected Misa's radio signal and made a call that if they had to land, may as well be where anyone could potentially help (or has been mentioned, at least where there was a fair chance of finding stuff with which to help themselves if Britai and his gang decided to suddenly end their alliance but NOT nuke the ashes after all). I think it was foregone that the Macross would never fly again (at that time), so I can see them choosing Alaska in haste instead of thinking where best to put down ahead of reconstructing the home world. Mark
  2. Macross TV series have always been about moving the franchise forward - new worlds, new stories, new possibilities. If we want a side story, follow-up, or prequel, the OVA is the usual go-to format as those stories tend to be more fan-oriented and therefore more niche market. If we're ever to see Macross the First or an adaptation of an existing work, it'll most likely be as an OVA or movie (or otherwise be a fan-service name drop as Minmei has been in Frontier and Delta). If this is a TV series, my money is that it'll be a direct sequel to Delta (and thus let the franchise extend its investment in the current idol group), or a new story set shortly after Delta but in the same time frame and general universe rules, where Var / Windermere / Chaos / Walkure presence may e a major player or a name-drop. The short time frame between Delta and this strongly suggests that it won't be a brand new show and instead leverage what we just finished, or else Kawamori simply has a hell of an idea and didn't want to wait another five years before showing it. Regardless, a new TV anime will be less about addressing complaints of the old franchise fans and more about satisfying the current younger generation, as that's where the money has always been in every iteration of this franchise. As long as idol units are hotter than solo acts and people like giant transforming planes, Macross won't be in for a major paradigm shift, so we'll IMO we'll get more of the same... Of course we can hope for better writing and perhaps even better animation quality, but even if it stays on the level of Frontier and Delta, it'll likely be plenty good for today's mass-market anime consumer. Mark PS - Disclaimer: I'm an anime fan born in the late 70s, who places Frontier above Delta, but who has loved every version of Macross and has spent time in the Macross Delta room at Joysound to show for it.
  3. Cue Megaroad speculation in 5... 4... 3... Wha, I'm already too late? Dangit! Mark
  4. Joysound, a Japanese karaoke chain, is doing a Macross Delta theme room starting today! http://shop.joysound.com/campaign/macrossdelta/ I'm visiting Japan right now and enquired with them - they're booked solid today. Anyone in town wanna join my wife and child in Shinjuku tomorrow though, we've reserved it for an hour and will be checking it out! Mark
  5. Sorry for bringing this up here - but I'm in Tokyo right now. Any Macross specific stuff happening, Delta or otherwise? Anyone know if that last character goods lottery is still going? I'll only be spending one day shopping in Akiba this time, and it's likely to be my last time for a while, so I want to be efficient in hunting for Macross Merch. Any pointers would be welcome! Mark
  6. Well, I guess this may mean that Lady M is *not* Mylene after all... Mark
  7. I did enjoy this week's episode - always like a good origin story. Nice new song, filling in some details on Walkure's early days, failures and even successes before Mikumo showed up. This felt like a decent non-mecha Macross episode. It's a shame that most of the second half of this show are just like it. Yes, Delta has been having severe arc and pacing problems in this second half, after an overall solid first half. I feel like much of the second half are almost standalone side stories for our heroes while those other guys on Windermere are advancing with the main plot - kinda like watching a bunch of "The Galaxy Is Calling Me" and those Macross 7 OVA episodes after finishing Macross 7. No one sets out to make bad television, which leaves me to wonder what happened in the writers room when they broke the arc of the series. They may have realized after production started that they just didn't have enough story to fill 2-cours of show, and after moving plot elements forward they could only backfill the remaining time with flashbacks and side stories to pan out the show till the end. In the meantime, the songs and idol unit that the show is supporting have been arguably more successful than the show, which is the bottom line for the studio after all. This being Macross AND a still-very-popular anime in this day and age, we'll almost certainly have a compilation movie or two within a couple years. This gives SK and his crew a chance to produce a version of Delta with the right balance of story, character and MAYBE even mecha action to satisfy more of us hardcore, non-Japanese fans. Mark
  8. We've still got five episodes to go. Frontier this ain't, but in the latter half of Frontier there were also a couple episodes which didn't seem to be going anywhere. Obviously there's an endgame here, and I'm sure it'll make up for SOME of the disappointment everyone's expressing here for the middling middle episodes, but still... While it may still be above average IMO for a mecha-based anime series, Frontier this ain't. Mark
  9. Yep. It's short and cute, and arguably gives Mirage more character moments than in the past two months on the actual show. Plus, it tries to establish the outfits Walkure wears as NOT MAGIC. Close maybe, but NOT MAGIC! Mark
  10. Well, we have the technology for laser eye surgery RIGHT NOW, and it's not like people are lining up to get it done. Costs aside, it doesn't always work, and in fact can even make things worse for some people. Others simply are not physically capable to be fixed by the procedure in the first place. Heck, in the (original) Star Trek movies, a minor plot point was about Kirk's developing near-sightedness, and how he was allergic to whatever miracle drug would normally be used, hence his own need for reading glasses. Suffice it to say that no matter the ailment, there's always a percentage of the population for which it won't work. And why in this case, glasses are needed for Macross-related reasons. Mark
  11. The GG team mentioned last week they'd be delayed this week again. Patience, grasshoppers! In this world of dwindling fansubbers, we should be counted lucky that one group is doing it at all. Mark
  12. There may be some limited application of anti-grave but for gravity (and inertial) negation purposes, allowing the girls to use the jets for propulsion a whole lot easier. Furthermore, the opaque underwear is supplemented by a transparent skin-tight suit, and ARGUABLY a helmet in some cases as Reina was wearing one when she jumped out of Chuck's plane in episode 1, where it promptly disappeared as her outfit transformed. I'd guess that the fold projector stuff effectively works as a hard light hologram too, so people can have their outfits (and hair!) change, be blown around, and perhaps even be discarded as needed. And no, it's NOT magic. We're just supposed to accept it. Mark
  13. Wow, now you can crowdfund freedom. Lotsa politicians should take a hint. This mid-series lull *feels* like it should be told in fewer episodes, but IMO it's a case of the heroes sitting out traditional Macross action while other parties are seen fighting (and losing). However, this episode features a galactic-scale attack (and fundraiser!) that probably SHOULD have had more time, or at least been given more setup besides an offhand remark by Mikumo last week and then suddenly jumping into a concert featuring all manner of stock footage besides a couple new songs (not complaining about that, BTW). Methinks marathoning Delta would give a more positive takeaway, but we shouldn't HAVE to do that. At least we can conclude that while we aren't looking, it's the past couple episodes that Walkure has been madly writing all the songs we'll here from here through the remaining episodes. And the beautiful cameo VF-22 shows up again, in full NUNS livery. Anyone catch the flight suit that Immelman Sr. was using? It wasn't what a typical NUNS CF pilot wears, and sure didn't look like 2046-era fashion: http://www.oocities.org/drakkenwulf_2000/Images/maximilian.gif Mark
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