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  1. Arcadia (bright white version) of DYRL Hikaru Ichijo VF1s. Looking for Like new, Mint in box or New. Red/Black stripe.
  2. Found and bought both, Thanks to Melissa.
  3. I'd kind of just like the official Yamato I'm open to up to $600 shipped for new and a c9 box
  4. Bummer, tried to use that page and by time I figured it out it was gone
  5. Looking for new or Mint in Box Yamato Virgin Road and VF-1J Brownie please email me @ btbuck74@gmail.com if you have one for sale
  6. man if i didn't have one, i'd totally be on this. Bump for a good deal.
  7. Like the post says, looking for a new or MIB Kakizaki (Ben Dixon) VF-1A with the white chest in 1/60 by Yamato. If you have one for sale, PM me. Thanks, Brian
  8. Looking for new or mint TV parts for my 1/60 Yamato 1s Please PM of you have some for a reasonable price. Thanks!
  9. Big thanks to Barurutor he's a great seller and shipped everything fast with tracking and packaged appropriately. Hope to do business with him again, highly recommended thanks Eric! I too bought from him, great seller!!!
  10. have found all, mods can delete. thanks
  11. I'm looking for a DYRL movie edition 1s Max, Fokker or Ichijo I don't care (preferably rainbow cockpit) and preferably new or MIB PM if you have one for sale thanks!
  12. Yeah he got a tattoo as soon as he arrived lol
  13. Thanks a bunch he looks great with the strike parts I got from Eugene Yoon! You guys rock! 👍👍
  14. Looking for a set of stealth super/strike parts for the 1/48 vf1j If anyone has some PM me I'm Interested Thanks, Brian
  15. Bought v2 only looking for Bandai 1/55 Elintseeker
  16. Bought v2 but still interested in Bandai 1/55
  17. WTB Max DYRL VF-1S v2 1/60 Yamato Looking for in box mint or new no broken shoulders Thanks! Also looking for super strike parts (1/60) or 1/48 scale Email btbuck74@icloud.com or PM thanks!
  18. Yeah McFly but he's selling for higher than evilbay
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