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  1. hello, here's what I got VF-19A Boxed $55.00 shipped VF-1A brownie $35.00 shipped brand new! VF-1S $35.00 shipped Regular VF-1A $ 35.00 Shipped MAX Eleenseeker $55.00 shipped Ostrich $55.00 shipped.
  2. finally! thanks for the help ly000001! but the first link didn't work. Would you happened to have a download of the song? or perhaps verify the link for me?
  3. Am I wrong? is it not a TV series?
  4. guys can you lend a hand and please tell me the name of this great song! http://youtube.com/watch?v=tVMTBWPUCSk thanks in advance!
  5. I have one of each at least and serveral cannon fodders and yes they are the 1/60 the removeable leg ones
  6. sure MO are fine. how many would you like I have mostely cannon fodders never opened and some opened but never palyed with Dyrl style ones.
  7. I have some extra ones lying around i'll let them go for 40 plus shipping
  8. woops forgot to mention is was a Gundam strike!
  9. Hey all just wanted to showcase the last custom for this year. Have a happy and safe New year! [attachmentid=39344][attachmentid=39345] [attachmentid=39346][attachmentid=39347] [attachmentid=39348][attachmentid=39349] [attachmentid=39350]
  10. WOW, I didn't realize how good those kits looked when built may have to pick some up, great pics. your right, that 19 does look like he is about to pistol whip him!
  11. can you please tell what the name of this song is on the you tub video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-9hK6iETYQ
  12. It would be nice if the producers of Shadow chronicels good get that cell animation and CG animation really look crappy together ! and what's up with the sound FX in this series ? can anyone say "Flash Gordan"! Like many of you guys I have been waiting for them to finish the RT series to see what happends after the Invid invaded, and yes I guess I will still go and get this, but my God! What the hell were they thinking! the CG looks like a PS one game! I mean really Harmony gold, Get a real budget! sorry just my crazy rant guys!
  13. just wanna give much props to Hiriyu! trade went really smooth everything was as he said it would be! I am very please, straight trader all the way! thanks alot buddy!
  14. man those are some great pics !!!! two questions, were did you get that ED 209! and where can I get those display stands? keep those pics coming guys! great collections!
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