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  1. hi everybody, i bought a matchbox sdf-1 , seller said it was new, i opened box and no manual, does anybody of you have manual in pdf to send me? i know, paid a lot for an incomplete "toy"
  2. do you have one? know i want the little vf and launchers!!!!!!! it never ends
  3. nice to know , i pay a matchbox as if it were a takatoku one. bad luck
  4. so a matchbox would cost 300 -350?
  5. how much do i have to pay for a takatoku sdf-1 and for a matchbox sdf-1 ?
  6. javi


    where did you get the small guys?
  7. javi

    IMG 3110

    nice boxes collection, OOOOOPEN IT
  8. javi

    DSCN6409 resize

    wonderfull job, i have one how much for weathering it?
  9. javi


    did you paint it? which colors did u use? thanks
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