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  1. I took me quite a while to find a decent set on ebay. Usually you can find bits and pieces but not the whole thing. Eventually I did find a set for about 120 that was complete with the box and everything. I even got a few extra holocards
  2. I have those avis now. They are the Anbu subs. Could anyone give me a hint as to the best course of action? Here are my uneducated guesses: 1. Just make a DVD of the illegal files and relax. 2. Use dvdecrytper(I guess) to get the data off the dvds I have and somehow extrat the subs from the avis and replace the dvd subs with them (this sounds tricky) then burn to a fresh dvd. 3. Mystery Plan X (probably the correct one).
  3. Right now I'm downloading a set that is approx 1.7 gigs. Does that sound about right? All of the files are avis. I don't really know anything about burning dvds. I assume I'll have to do a lot of work to get everything right. Any tips?
  4. Hey all. I'm doing my best to introduce my girlfriend to macross. She's already seen the first 3 episodes of robotech. I know... I'm sorry. But it got her interested. I'm now thinking that I'll do a full chronological order of everything macross. I have macross zero but the subs are somewhat... questionable.. Roy Kamu??? I saw that there were some decent fansubs and I was wondering if there is anyway to move those subs to a dvd. I saw something similar done with DYRL. Thanks all. Des
  5. Well I hope the dub is crap... I just bought my animeigo set. Anyone need a hologram card?
  6. It looks ok to me. The cockpit seems a little bulky. Sort of like the 1/48 but moreso. I have to be honest though. It could look a lot worse and I'd still order the damned thing.
  7. It's really great if you want to buy 10 pounds of inuyasha...
  8. Does anyone know if valk exchange is getting more DYRL Perfect dvds in? I emailed them like a week ago. After looking it over I became utterly disgusted with my bootleg.
  9. Now isn't that just the way of things?
  10. Does a better set exist? I assume not.
  11. Does anyone know where I could find a good, subbed, torrent for the first episode? I wanna give it a try
  12. I was really hoping that Micky Rourke could be in 2 good movies in a row. I just feel sorry for the guy.
  13. Also, everyone knows that Metroid = Aliens. Silly.
  14. I've just been looking around on valkyrie exchange. Initially, I was going to get a copy of DYRL about It looks like it's sold out for a bit. I only have the bootleg right now. Anyways now I'm thinking about getting that FX complete M7 set. Has anyone had experience with this set? I'm mostly concerned with the quality of the subtitles. Also I have another question. Should I buy Flashback before I die or not? Thanks.
  15. Where exactly do you all buy these new releases? I've only bought off ebay.. Is there anyway to "officially" buy one?
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