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  1. Regular sized (& priced) Collectors Edition & standard edition are now up for pre-order. https://www.rightstufanime.com/Neon-Genesis-Evangelion-Complete-Series-Limited-Collectors-Edition-Blu-ray https://www.rightstufanime.com/Neon-Genesis-Evangelion-Complete-Series-Blu-ray
  2. I decided Macross myself, but you know! What honestly doesn't make sense is that with the new playing nice going on, HG & or Funi should be able to request a new copy of the SFX track from Big West for a reasonable fee.
  3. I'm rationalizing the D+ fee foe what I'd spend at a theater anyway, even if it won't be up until October
  4. Also, a little obvious but the glyphs on the "Golgotha Object" bare a strong resemblance to the Atlantian glyphs on the "Blue Water."
  5. 3.0 feels so much more complete in the dual context of both (Nadia & 3.0 + 1.0). I guess now the real question is: At least now I have firm proof that:
  6. Ed will probably pop up if they get to a season 2. I'm more concerned with them showing signs of the jump gate tragedy.
  7. That's the most reasonable theory at this point, the reset occurring at the end of EOE is a full Earth reset.
  8. More photo's of the release have come out. It looks ri be as big as the Gurren Lagann BD set, or a Vinyl album box set. Guess this is in keeping with the laserdisc art they used.
  9. Clearly not paying attention to where I'm posting, but hey, new Eva set LE art!
  10. There will be a regular non-LE release at the end of the month, that will also be missing FMTTM. It'll probably only have newer translation as well.
  11. Yeah, I was hoping to clear out my old ADV Platinum release to make room for this, but nope! I shall still pre-order, as I want those EOE Remaster, but a serious "wow" on the FMTTM thing. Definitely glad I picked up the Japanese big blue cube release.
  12. Three things you should know before you start: 1. Everything Anno worked on before he left is epic, this includes the ending thankfully. Unfortunately NHK wanted the production run extended by 10 more episodes which Anno fought back on, resulting in him quitting from Gainax (the first time). 2. The "Island Episodes" were outlined, but finished after he left to stretch out the runtime. As such there"s some serious gold there, you just have to look a little harder for it. 3. The "Africa Episodes" are absolute garbage in every conceivable way. I can only imagine they were conceived in by the remaining staff rebellion to punish the network for making Anno quit. 3B. If you ever come across the movie sequel "Nadia The Movie" run! It is literally a trap.
  13. Nadia > TV+EOE > Rebuild > Manga. I place the manga lowest simply because it was lacking a fullness that the other versions had. The scene with Gendo actually defending Shinji during the Nerv invasion was manga's highpoint for me.
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