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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

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  1. Just finally watched Absolute Live (after fighting to get a copy in the first place, yeesh!) And!

    Quite expectedly I cried constantly, such is my current modus operandi, right from The Labyrinth Of Time straight through the end of Absolute Live!, many tears were shed. Are we still spoilerting? If so...



    I really liked Max's arc here. While yes, he massively overshadows the already truncated presence of Mirage in the movie telling of Delta, I honestly believe we get is "old man Max" brought in to initially fill in the loss of Ernest Johnson by bringing Exedor with him (and damn, did I cheer at Exedor's appearance), but that evolves into a fascinating sidestory of the genius Jenius as a man who's seen far more insane events in human history than anyone should. He's jaded with his skill walking in, sees his grandaughter whom he believes inheritted none of it, knocks Hayate & Bogue around a bit to boost up the recognized resident aces, then finds out that even though he hasn't missed a step, he did miss what was obvious to Arad, Mirage's genius ie seeing genius in others.

    The Siren Systsm & whatshisname behind them:


    I liked this whole plot in a culminaton of what was teased with Sharon in Plus. That wholw Macrose subplot to me seems to be something tied in with the original conflict between the two Protoculture factions. DYRL at least presented the two sides as Bioweapon Vs Bio-technoweapon. The Aphos in Zero seems (to me) to be an absolute weapon of the bio-side, while the Singer of the Stars + ruins + high performance rune-networking abilities of Windemere/PC ruins amplifier left to seemingly lonk up all life into a super matrix mimicing the Vajra seems (again to me) to reflect the philosophy of the other side of the conflict. 

    Do we know if the organization behind glasses guy (whom we now know funded Roid & Heimdel) is also behind Grace & perhaps the intial creation of Sharon Apple to start with?


    It just hits me that the propegation of a galaxy wide matrix being initiated by 3 seperate parties is a bit too coincidental. If there were any Protoculture alive lurking in the shadows of tje galaxy, I really think ir's these guys trying hard to push things from those shadows.

    Lady M.


    While it could be just a weird mcguffin, Exedor talking about how they don't know what kind of intelligence Lady M actually is, and just that it transmits at the frequencies of the Megaroad fleet, but with codes that unlocked secrets of PC ruins & The Singer of the Stars. Unless the Megaroad fleet found themselves trapped in a fold fault with the rosetta stone of PC ruins, there's really no reason anyone there (such as Misa, Minmay or Miku) should have that knowledge in isolation. So, I proppose that Lady M. Is actually....Sara & the Aphos fullfilling their function, including but not limited to drawing the Megaroad fleet into the aforementioned fold fault (as a maybe a last bastion of life if all else fails).

    Yes, I am still trying to find meaning in the end of Zero...

    That baby..


    Not only being a representation of The Star Singer but having a rune to boot, could potentially be the most powerful being in the universe.

    What I didn't like:


    Why didn't Basara appear to replace Freiya & take her place boosting Walküre to victory! Damnit Basara, you could have saved Freiya's life!

    And finally, the real winner in the story:


    Arad, he got Max's hat & respect. No one won harder than Arad in this movie.



    I really want "The Labyrinth of Time" to lead somewhere. I mean really, what the hell does the Vajra Queen need with Alto? Is she feeding him? Is she cleaning him? Is her fasconation with him due to an imprint on the Vajra network from Ranka? Hell, was the Vajra queen overwritten by the little queen?

    I cried so hard at Ranka calling out for S021-5 & F09.


  2. I haven't bothered to dig any of that up, BUT I do reccomend doing an itunes search for "8-Bit Japanese Robot Anime" by megane, there are plenty of good chiptune renditions of super robot and mecha anime themes, including some Macross.

  3. 1 hour ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Eh... it makes reasonable sense that Sony is going to want to have the major Macross sequels under its banner now that they indirectly hold the license to the original.

    That said, Sony's not actually doing anything with Robotech.  At this point, it may well exist for no reason other than to maintain the SDF Macross license.

    At this point I'm starting to think someone high up at Sony is a Macross fan.

  4. So hete's an interesting developement, Sony/Crunchyroll just bought Rightstuf/Nozomi (the online shop & anime licensor). Why is this interesting & why is it Macross news? Nozomi is the group that licensed 7, Ftontier & Delta for blu-ray.

    So now we've got some crazy situation where Sony is releasing both Macross & Robotech in the U.S., on top of live action the movie.

  5. 16 hours ago, TangledThorns said:

    A few episodes in and my wife is really grossed out this season, lol. Still, I think THE BOYS is the best live action comic book super hero series on streaming. Same goes for INVINCIBLE as best animated comic book super hero series. Who knew PRIME would succeed so well in that genre??

    I'm going to wait until Invincible starts covering more content to pass judgement there Definitely great so far, but it's barely into the story. Maybe it's timw for me to rewat h that first season...

    The Boys is great for everything it's changed from the comic original. Just started reading it, but it hits me as more "Boys Club" shock than the wittier social commentary of the show. Kinda like how The Unbrella Academy comic version is more sparse outline compared with it's Netflix cpunterpart. Kirkman with both The Walking Dead & Invincible has maintained a meatier more nuanced comic story (so far) than both TV counterparts. Though I to be honest, how well Invincible handlea


    Thicc Atom Eve and all the beauty of the arc's during that period

    Will determine how much I like the Amazon version of Invincible.

    Back to "The Boys", I've truly enjoyed every change done for the live action series, except how Stormfront was shoed off, off-screen. Primarily because I think the actress deserved better, but that was a weak way to phase her out. Also, I expected 


    Starlight to steal enough real V to dose Huey & Butcher in addition to Kimiko after reading that report

    But, maybe that'll be a next season plot. Unless they revert back to the comic there 


    And have Butcher attain it, then force it on the rest.


  6. 10 minutes ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    That one wasn't retained knowledge... my Google-fu is just way more advanced than the average bloke's since I spent a few years as a "Google Guide" after my employer switched from MS Office to Google's G Suite/Workspace.  I ran a site search against all the pages listed under Wikipedia's index of "List of Horror Films of the 1980's" looking for synonyms related to zombies and ghosts along with the keywords "50's" and "girlfriend" and read the handful of pages the query spit out.

    (Some of my colleagues were not big believers in things like using descriptive file names and/or folders to organize materials in cloud storage, so power user-level searches were something I got real good at against my will to maintain my sanity.)

    Regardless, you're clearly the baddest mofo lowdown 'round this town.

  7. 5 minutes ago, JB0 said:

    I mean, it WAS amazing, but not for ANY of the reasons they intended. It was amazing in the same way a train crashing into a swimming pool is amazing. You can't stop looking, and you can't stop wondering how this happened either.


    Alas, we will never see the gripping conclusion to the epic saga of Sad Dana.

    I'd like to think of that as the ultimate Orguss reference, like Kei & Olsen traveling back to kill Kei & Olsen who in turn kill Kei & Olsen for traveling back ti kill themselves.

  8. So I'll make this as short and sweet as I can. Being as we have old fűcks like me here, do any of you remember seeing an 80's horror movie (either zombie or ghost) where the girlfriend that the geeky protaginist meets along the way turns out to be a girl who died in the 50's and dissappears at the end? This movie is from '87 or earlier, and woyld have aired on TV around '85-'87 Halloween.

    Also, it is 100% none of the "Return Of The Living Dead moviea. I can rember balling my eyes out at the end, and my mom having to lie to me & telling me things worked out for the couple, but I'll be damned if my Google-Fu can track down this picture.

  9. 1 hour ago, camk4evr said:

    I'd laugh if it turns out that, when HG's license comes up for renewal, if Sony/Funimation ends up licensing Macross directly from Tatsunoko instead.


    It'd be really funny if that turns out to be Sony's plan

    At this point sony has HG by the balls regardless. I wonder if there was some kind of breach of contract when HG sold Sony the rights to designs they couldn't actually use outside of re-releasing pre-existing content and merchandising from that content. Forcing the current resolution was likely the most beneficial middleground, rather than waiting for the rights to revert from a dead company.

    We'll know for absolute sure when BW, Kawamori & Satellite decide to make a post-Delta series/movie. If it's got the U.N. Spacy kite represented in any way (such as a pre-NUNS colony), or my personal hope, "Macross The First" styled TV srries or OVA, then we'll know all is right with the franchise.

    Also acceptable, a freakin' VFX 2 OVA that covers the transition from Spacy to NUNS in something more substancial than a long out of print videogame.

  10. 45 minutes ago, Gamma00Ray said:

    So it is the Robotech episodes. Oh well.

    I might be the outlier here in that I actually like Robotech a lot, but I would appreciate the original form of Macross getting a good US release again, too. Sadly, I missed the boat on the DVDs from around 15 years ago. I would have loved to have gotten the English dub set. I didn't know jack about Macross back then, and I wasn't exactly rolling in the money to buy such a set.

    Hang out 'til August, I still see that changing. I'm starting to get a strong impressiom that HG had to give up a lot more than they're letting on in the Sony deal. Something is very odd about their overall phrasing of partnerships and mergers, along with Crunchyroll being involved with the creation and licensing of content.

  11. 19 minutes ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    So... when all was said and done, the Harmony Gold AX panel was the usual nonevent full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

    Just another hour or so of quiet desperation as they try to feign relevance to an industry that had already decided they and their series were a joke thirty years ago, accompanied by some wishful thinking and deliberate misdirection as they report having spent fifteen grand to have someone successful pen another disinterested story treatment for a movie that has been in development hell for 15 years so far, and a single announcement that would almost have been newsworthy if it hadn't already essentially been announced four months ago by Crunchyroll and over a year ago by Funimation.

    (Seriously.  Funimation announced they had the streaming rights to Robotech and related materials back in June 2021 and that their entire streaming catalog was moving over to Crunchyroll on March 1st, 2022.  It takes no great feats of deductive reasoning to figure out that stuff was coming to Crunchyroll in the near future.  Esp. after Funimation stated they'd put the brakes on streaming all but new titles on their service while things were migrating to Crunchyroll.)

    Precicely. They literally wasted the opportunity to cap off a weekend of epic announcements with the penultimate announcement. 

    3 minutes ago, Gamma00Ray said:

    I'm guessing this "original series" that's going to be on Crunchyroll is the original Macross. Is that correct? Harmony Gold's screwy enough that I could see this being Robotech is coming ot Crunchyroll.

    In all probability yes, "but" there is still a decent chance that Crunchyroll is in a position to negotiate for proper HD masters to release Macross as well. They're not a foolish company, unlike some other foolish companies... The breakdown is essentially this:

    - Sony owns Funimation.

    - Sony owns Crunchyroll.

    - Sony owns the Live Action rt movie rights.

    -Crunchyroll has been handling streaming for Nozomi/Rightstuf properties.

    - Crunchyroll will in all likelyhood be streaming Frontier, Delta & 7.

    All that math to me adds up to Crunchyroll wanting a decent version of Macross to go along with everything else, and they're in a prime position to make it happem. But we'll see.

  12. No livestream of the robotech panel, just twitter posts it seems. Starting-ish now.

    - First announcement: Stranglehold is in full effect for some time into the future. (This is not news).

    - Apparently for some reason they showed a trailer for "Hawkeye" ....

    -Grandstanding again on their hold over the original series...

    - Oh wait, Crunchyroll will be handling distro of the original series it seems, this is good.

    - Another live action script is supposedly done. Way to bury the lead that in all likelyhood, Crunchuroll/Funimation will release Macross. Classic HG.

    - By the writers of "Uncharted." Should we start taking bets on Mark Wahlberg as Roy now?

    - T-shirts comprised of Yune "art" and line art that looks straight off of MAHQ.

    Well, theoretically hang on to those theoretical bootlegs a bit longer, but there's a bit more hope of the original series now, kinda. Crunchyroll is hosting their own event in August, so looks like that"s the earliest we'd hear something.

  13. 31 minutes ago, isamu said:

    First of all thanks Shawn for straightening out my account you rock man. It's good to be back :)

    Secondly this is great news. Been a long time coming, especially for a lot of us old heads. I can't wait to hear more details particularly on Macross Plus and 7, and what potential extras they will contain. I'm really hoping we finally get the Macross Fastest Liftoff special that came with the original JP Macross 7 VHS/DVDs. I remember watching that special ages ago and loving it.

    I guess the only other burning question is, are we getting these in 4K UHD Blurays or standard Blurays? Have they indicated either way?

    I don't think anyone has put our 4k of any Macross. The obvious prime candidate would be DYRL, but that heavily depends on who gets the license. There's a literal handful of anime that's come out in 4k here, and haven't noticed much come out in Japan either.

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