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  1. Metal Build Laevatin page is up. July release date for 17,000 yen! http://tamashii.jp/item/10665/
  2. Looks like Arcadia updated the YF-19 development diary page with the final entries. http://arcadia.ac/yf19/diary/05/index.php ARCADIA ‏@ARCADIA_Co_Ltd 2h 【お知らせ】 本日16時頃、「マクロスYF-19」特設ページの開発日誌(最終回)を公開予定!みすたーKのこだわりを是非チェックしてみて下さいね! http://arcadia.ac/yf19/
  3. To my knowledge, Bandai has never re-issued Tamashii web exclusives. But who knows, maybe they'll run out of re-colours to do one day and decide to release bundles instead
  4. Can finally get myself a 25F! Sure hope Bandai re-issues the 25S and G soon though (August at the very earliest I suppose)
  5. Back up on HLJ: http://www.hlj.com/product/BAN987064/Act
  6. HLJ sales on Macross related stuff: http://www.hlj.com/scripts/hljlist?SaleGroup=20140306_MC&header=MacrossSale0314 DX Quarter 50% off at 9,900 Yen
  7. I did think about using Mr Super Clear UV. But I found out that its a lacquer based spray, and lacquer supposedly makes plastic brittle if I am not wrong? Did you face any such issues with your sprayed valks?
  8. Thanks for the information! May I ask, which type of clear coat do you use?
  9. Just curious, has anyone's VF-25F renewal suffered from signs of yellowing and is the white painted on or just raw plastic? Kinda tempted to get one but I'm always hesitant to buy white coloured valks (or toys for that matter) since the weather is pretty hot and humid over here.
  10. Hmm wonder if I should cancel my order at HLJ and go with Amiami instead with the difference in 1350 yen. Does Amiami really charge a significant higher shipping cost? Just curious as I have yet to order any stuff from them before..
  11. Thanks for the replies! Guess I'll just shell out a little bit more for the Prism coating edition then.
  12. Just wondering if anyone owns the Prism Coating edition of the Metal Build Freedom? Was thinking of getting it over the regular release but I've read that there are some issues with the coating yellowing out of the box?
  13. Can't decide now if I should buy the Exia Trans-Am or the Unicorn MC to pair with my Banshee :\
  14. Just a heads-up! HLJ has the Metal Composite Banshee in stock and is part of their Black Friday sales, just ordered one for myself Review for the Banshee can be found here: http://blog.livedoor.jp/hacchaka/archives/51901066.html
  15. Guess I'll just make a pre-order for the Kshatriya afterall It's gona be a long wait till March
  16. Ah thanks for the feedback and links to pre-order! My main gripe is with the 1/144 scale at the moment since I mainly collect 1/100 scale models How I wish they would make a metal build version of the Kshatriya.
  17. I'm kinda tempted to get the Kshatriya as well, but I don't have any experience with the Robot Damashii line. In terms of articulation and details is it worth the 13000 yen price tag?
  18. Do you guys think Bandai will release the MC versions for Unicorn Full Armor and Banshee Norn? Contemplating if I should grab the current releases for both of them now, or wait for a future release.
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