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  1. Recently started collecting Riobots - ordered Shin Getter 1 & Mazinkaiser Chrome.

    Thought I'd inject some life back into this thread :p 


    • RIOBOT Shin Getter 1 release date confirmed: 27th February 2018



    Latest from Wonder Fest '18

    • RIOBOT Getter 1 Robo Devolution Final Form



    • RIOBOT UFO Robo Grendizer & Spazer



    • METAMOR-FORCE "BARI"ation Gravion





    • METAMOR-FORCE Black Sarena


  2. From RobotJapan forums:

    Another reveal from the ongoing Tamashii Nations. 

    Texts says "Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger Series" 


    No details yet but presumably it should be able to combine with Daizyujin (MMPR Megazord)

    Now I'm more curious, what else does Bandai has up their sleeves? They already gave us a sample of the engineering of this mech in the Super Mini-pla line, they also plan to release Titanus under the Super Mini-pla line too, would an SOC version follow too??

    I hope they can recreate The Zambot3 Super mini-pla in the SOC line as well. The Super Mini-pla version of Zambot3 is ridiculously posey. 



  3. So, I'm at episode 17 of IBO. Really starting to lose interest. Does it get good again? They should have made it to Earth long ago. It was quite good up until they left Mars.

    I'm thinking of abandoning the series at this point, and doing something better with my TV-watching time, like catching up on Walking Dead.

    Not really, this recent post over at /r/Gundam sums it up perfectly for me.

    I like IBO but it's also a disappointing series. The first 2 episodes were amazing. It was being set up really well from characters to world-building and it felt like a really mature show.

    It had moments of comedy but for the most part it was tense. The mobile workers are battling it out and then the first mobile weapon appears and it's such a massive change in scale that it was awe-inspiring. You could really feel how rare and powerful they were supposed to be.

    Fast forward into the season and that tension that pervaded the first 2/3ish episodes and really made the show feel powerful is completely gone.

    IBO at this point in the season is so heavyhanded with everything that it's frustrating. People make drinking game jokes because characters have become so cliche and caricatures of themselves.

    It's like everytime someone has dialogue they'll spout something off from their list of approved dialogue: Atra love, Orga family/paternal, Mika being strong/admiring Kudelia, harem people how much they love the boss. The characters are one-dimensional and they waste so much time every episode having characters talk about stuff that isn't actually developing them, it's just repeating themselves and adding exposition into it.

    The exposition is terrible. There's too much that's repeated over and over again that the show has been slown down to a crawl because they stop to everything in these long awkward dialogue scenes.

    I could keep going but it's already too long. I love the show, but it's disappointing because it started great and really dropped the ball to just being above average but now 20 episodes in I can't even call it that anymore.

    Origin III Trailer #2

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