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  1. So I have a question - what happens if you get the peroxide mix over the painted parts of the figure? Will it eat away or damage the paint? How carefully must you be while applying it?
  2. Interesting how the face-on sketch in the first photo looks A LOT like some of the Invid illustrations we saw in Kevin Siembieda's original Robotech RPG books. It's something about the way the arms look so big and heavy (or are those weapon stores hanging under the wings?) and the legs are spread apart at the same angles you saw frequently in Genesis Climber.
  3. So... I guess those of us who ordered on BBTS continue to wait? Should I be worried? It's been months and the pre-order release date seems to keep slipping. I'm kind of sad I cancelled my Nippon Yasan order
  4. Ooh! I was thinking the hole looked like a "Reflex Blast" (excuse my Robotech, but I read those damn novels as a kid and the word is stuck in my head) I shall sell this on Ebay at a giant premium!
  5. So, I setup my 1/48 VF-1J box up on my dining room table to swap out some hands. I began to smell something funny, and then noticed something horrible had happened... I HAD PUT THE BOX OVER A CANDLE. IT DID NOT END WELL FOR THE BOX. The Valk is fine though. Notice how the hole is almost perfectly round!
  6. armentage

    Hi-Metal R

    Can someone give me a link to the right display stands for the HiMetal R VF2SS? I want something that will connect to the mounting pieces that came with the toy.
  7. armentage

    Hi-Metal R

    TL;DR Disappointing attempt, 4/10. A floppy mess. I got my VF2SS last night from Image Anime in NYC. I'm sad to say that, overall, I'm not very impressed. This is my first HiMetal anything, and I guess I wasn't prepared for the vastly inferior product it is compared to the DX Chokogin Valks. The transformation is quite simple and very straight forward, once you figure out how to tuck away the head and backpack properly. The joints are stiff... TOO STIFF! Rather than quality ratchet joints, they are using insanely thight rivets that barely turn, putting a TON of stress on the toys structure as you try to position the arms. Worse, they will obviously loosen over time and the toy will become crap. In Battroid mode, the heat shield doesn't cleanly meet the canopy, leaving a lot of glass visible. In fighter mode, the legs and arms lock together for SOME structure, but the combined arm/leg structure has nothing to lock in to, and thus is constantly flexing around. Nothing ever lines up! The hands tuck away so badly it is better to just leave them visible in fighter mode. They include a pair of ridiculous, tiny hands, that just BARELY fit inside the arms when tucked away. They don't really look like hands at all, but little grey bits of crap that just fall off when you touch them. Better to just remove them in fighter mode and store them. The SAP is also quite floppy. The joints are tight, but there's just too much toy for a PVC joint to work. I just can't get the wings to stay parallel with each other, the gun to point straight, etc. Paint apps are almost non-existant; there is just the red stripes on the chest, and a few little ports/plugs on the limbs. I dare say the 1/100th Bandai kit from 1992 had more stickers. I don't think any of these problems are QC issues; rather it's just an overly complex design that was executed quite poorly.
  8. So I recently came across this post and I'm really interested in trying it out.... http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=899984 Basically, this guy is using hydrogen peroxide hair developer creme instead of the usual home brew hydrogen peroxide & oxy clean solution. The creme is nice and thick, sticking to the plastic instead of running off of it. Doesn't seem to damage color either! I'm going to try some of this on the awful VF-25, and perhaps a little patch on my Gakken Mospeada.
  9. What kills me is all of the modern pieces that are covered in tampo art. I could totally see myself (gently) bleaching the white back into the yellowed parts on most of the holder Yamato or early Bandai toys. The modern toys from Bandai in particular are a different story! I'm sure the hydrogen peroxide mixtures people use would completely remove the tampo artwork along with the yellow. Perhaps there will be a nice secondary market in replacement decals to restore the detail lost during a deyellowing session.
  10. I have the VF-171 Alto Ex. I have had it on display in a china cabinet for about 3 years, dangerously close to sunlight. I can confirm that it has in fact yellowed A BIT. It's somewhat noticable, especially if you compare the plastic to newer, whiter pieces. However, it is very, very subtle. Nothing like the what has happened to the VF-25F. It's really just deplorable. It's not like they don't know which plastics yellow and which ones don't; or perhaps, it isn't the most talented mechanical engineering graduates that wind up designing toys for insane adults with too much time/money on their hands?
  11. I just took my original 2008 Bandai VF-25 Messiah out of it's box for the first time in about 7 years. Things have not gone so well inside the box... This is the original Messiah, not the Renewal DX version. I had it on a shelf out of direct sunlight for about 3 or 4 months back in late 2009, and it's been its box ever since. The last time I saw it, I was dismayed by a slight difference in the whiteness of the nose-cone area. I took it out to zoom around the living room yesterday and was pleasantly surprised! The industrious mimsy's that live in my closet decided to give it a touch up. Turning the Messiah over, I was treated to an more yellowy goodness: Even the interiors of the wheel wells were not safe from the yellowy hands of time:
  12. Glad I could share this. I've been carrying this thing around from home to home for about 30 years now!
  13. THE TIME TO REMEMBER HAS COME! REMINISCE!!!! I present to you a scan of the entire 1987 Books Nippan catalog that somehow found its way to me. I was 12 at the time, and I'm not quite sure how or why this catalog showed up at my house. I've always thought it was because I mailed away for a copy of the Robotech BGM, but I didn't realize at the time I was buying it from Books Nippan. As a kid growing up in suburban New Jersey in the 1980's, this catalog was the only window I had to world of Anime and Japanese Sci-Fi. I would study the catalog, memorizing every detail about the terrible, low quality black-and-white photo copied cover art work featured in this catalog. I'd wonder what words like "MOOK" or "Perfect Collection" meant! When I received this catalog, the only anime I had seen at the time was Voltron, Robotech, and G-Force. My 12 year old brain didn't know what to make of "Call Me Tonight"! Here's a link on Facebook if you don't want to download it: https://www.facebook.com/armen.nakashian/media_set?set=a.10209672122821821.1073741854.1292079797&type=3&notif_t=like&notif_id=1500816911286233 And here are the original scans as Jpg's in a single zip file if you are interested! books-nippan-1987.zip
  15. I got my ship notification from CDJapan today!
  16. Klan was meant to be some sort of "interesting" play on the idea of the loli girl, juxtaposed with a hyper feminized giantess, all in one. She was obviously a fan-service sex object for both fetishes. The idea that it's some how "abnormal" to lust after childish looking women is simply incompatible with Japan and Anime culture. However, I don't think there's any reason to pretend that this isn't what is happening in Frontier.
  17. Anyone happen to have these images archived? Mechahq.com is no longer on the web! I remember these models; they were amazing. EDIT: Here's all I could find on the Internet Archive. These give you a sense of how awesome these Valk's were, but I feel like the YF-22 variations were the best, and those are missing from the archive.
  18. I got my YF-30 from CD Japan today! I had it shipped via EMS. They sent me the shipping notification on thursday (7-Aug-2014) and it has already arrived on the 11th! This is the best purchase experience I've had for something direct from Asia, but BOY did I pay through the nose for shipping. I'm late for work, so I'm afraid to open it (and wind up missing an entire day!)
  19. I know this is an old topic, but I think it deserves a bump! I just discovered these replacement parts a few weeks ago and ordered a pair from Shapeways. I've had my VF-0A sitting in the closet for almost 6 years, because the plastic in the elbow joints disintegrated. It's back on display now, with two working arms. Thank you for designing these replacement parts. You've done a huge service to all of us crazy toy collectors.
  20. Just pre-ordered one from cdJapan! $195 + shipping.
  21. Great advice! I pressed down just behind the instruments and the entire assembly popped a bit and slid smoothly into place. I was finally able to transform my VF-4. Everything's perfect now!
  22. Anyone having trouble pushing the cockpit down during transformation? I have been able to nudge the back, near the canopy joint, but just BARELY. If I push any harder, I'm afraid I'll break it. I've also tried wedging in a thing piece of metal and wiggling around from underneath, but no luck at all
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