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  1. Hello all I have has a computer crash that has been pretty bad and I have lost all of my files. I have been able to recover some items but one of my off computer backup drives has also been damaged (don't ask) and that drive had the backup of the file i had been sent that had the instructions for all 4 of John's kits (as well as my V1 1/72 Monster). If anyone still has these instructions and could send them to me I would greatly appreciate it! My email address is moricon.lists@gmail.com Thank you all Robert
  2. Anyone still looking for the following please checkout my post in the buy/sell forum VF-0A/S with Ghost Booster SV-51 with Twin Booster Thanks Robert
  3. Hello I am looking for copies of the instructions for Captain America's 1/72 Destroids and Mikes 1/72 Monster. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciated it. Thanks Robert
  4. I would take one please. Finishing the set will be nice
  5. looks good. I am in for at least one
  6. Looks interesting. I could be interested but I do want to see more
  7. Dang! I could be in the 2nd batch because someone wants 2 of them in front of me. I am in awe of just one monster. . Where ya going to put 2? not trying to bump just curious about the plans for the team although HWR is right behind me so I better be carful.
  8. any idea yet when you will be taking money and shipping? Thanks
  9. I would be carful about trying to jump ahead of HWR MKII he might just hurt someone (just kidding!)
  10. looks great. Can't wait to get my mits on it. I am in for a Phalanx as well if you cast it!
  11. wow. how much is this chunk of resin going to det me back?? great work!!
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