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  1. Are the markings on the fast pack micro missile launchers correct? I think the art is different.
  2. I always wished they would release a toy instead of a kit for the regult. Come on Arcadia this doesn't even transform so it wouldnt be that expensive to produce!
  3. I agree. Its missing a main villain and the manliness of the previous series. Maybe itll pick up when Joseph shows up.
  4. I got a Vf-0a in the last hlj sale and there were no problems, hopefully they fixed the leg issue in the latest batches.
  5. I guess i think he is showboating because he couldve used his main weapon but unnecessarily opted to use a small head laser to fire a precise shot square in the cockpit. Maybe the subtext is'i own you' and 'i am in full control.'(sorry typing on phone)
  6. Messer slowed down quite a bit once his Var infection got going. He definitely was not at his best for the past two dog fights. But you are right in thinking keith was i full control of the last fight, i even think the killing blow was him just showing off.
  7. Thanks, I think i only saw one but i'll go back and look.
  8. Well i guess thats an upgrade from the previous release, hopefully it holds up over time.
  9. Arcadia literally has us by the short hairs.
  10. A Hikaru vf-1s would ne tempting, but I would rather have a Fokker Tv or super vf-1j.
  11. Glad everything worked out.
  12. Just make sure the way it folds give you the best angle, and the way the backpack exhaust cover is not pushing against the arms too much. I had a similar issue where the leg would pop out and resolved it by making sure the backpack was in the best position and did not resist getting pegged to the leg. Fingers not folded properly could also make the fit difficult, but you probably got it covered.
  13. I think the way the backpack folds straight also matters in how well the legs lock in, good luck!
  14. realdeal

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Its weird the nose droops so much, it looks straight in the show.Edit: image didnt copy from this post...can someone repost that pic?
  15. So true, most everybody bought an Arcadia Roy vf-1 two years ago. I think they should release the fast packs separately and maybe a different valk, and then bundle fast packs on all future Vf-1 releases.
  16. realdeal

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Davidwangchoi Can you put me down for 02 as my favorite?
  17. Looks like gerwalk with beam cannon on top. No Battroid yet?
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