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  1. At Japan Expo in Santa Clara, I took an experimental photo with Lina Lau, which yielded this: CG composite of a Macross VF-25 with Sheryl Nome. (click the picture for a larger version) If anyone is curious, there's some detail on how I did it on my LJ. TL;DR: I used Blender's compositor & Cycles renderer with a lightprobe I created in Hugin from a series or mirrorball images. (the red parts glowing is me trying to make it more obvious in a dark scene) VF-25 model is from a library of free Sketchup models. I think it came out kinda cool, but also not quite as epic as I hoped. So I think I'll try it again. Probably next time with one of Sirian's Sheryls. (probably not the one linked there) I was wondering: Does anyone here have any higher detail (and perhaps more Blender-friendly) 3D models of any of the variable fighters from Macross Frontier that you might be willing to volunteer for use in cosplay photos? My modeling skills are not horrible, but available time to make my own is in short supply.
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