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  1. *hasn't posted here in ages* I just recieved my copy yesterday. When I heard the news, I decided to read the thread on AoDVD... and kinda wish I didn't. Anyways, I'm a little disappointed by the change, but it's not gonna hinder my enjoyment of it. Though I'm a little more disappointed by the "reason" for the change as opposed to the change itself. They changed it because they feared a lawsuit for a song sounding similar? That's... a little odd. I mean, FMP! has an almost carbon-copy of the A-Team theme, and it didn't seem to be an issue at all. Video quality looks great though, and I'm happy about that. ... as long as I don't watch it on my PC, that is. Though I attribute this more to the aspect ration of PowerDVD than anything else... What I mean: Look at the far left. It's there on all the episodes/science lessons, but not the mini-films or anything else. Only shows up when I watch the episodes on my PC, too.
  2. Weeee... maybe by November I'll have the the money for it.
  3. That may not be engrish as they may be talking about the non-metaphorical "dork".
  4. The Cybuster series was awful though It didn't even have the original characters, no Masaki, no Ryune... no anyone. OVA was good fanservice at least, get to see the PTs in full animation Oh, also lots of fanservice for Lamia fans
  5. Something for the PS2... well, there is the new OGs (compilation of OG1 and 2 with beefed up visuals... which also means it's a remake of a remake ) Whether or not Atlus will bring it over is yet to be seen. They haven't commented on any of the threads about it on their message board... but then again, they don't comment on much of anything on that board. Anyways, I'm glad these games are coming over. Outside of these, the only SRWs that really appeal to me are 4/F (L-Gaim! Dunbine!) and Alpha 1 (Gunbuster! Macross!)...
  6. When I heard this last night, I was overjoyed... I've only seen Gunbuster in pieces, and boy have I watched those pieces to death. However, now it looks like (from the AoDVD thread) that there's some doubt if they actually do intend to release Gunbuster... something about about the trailers not being "official". I asked for clarification... hopefully someone can clarify.
  7. Yep, those are bootlegs. The label on it, "fx", is a bootleg brand...
  8. That was one of the "ifs" that CPM put out there about this new release. About a month later, they made it official that there would be no dub. In addition, they also ditched the Scopedog-head DVD box idea.
  9. Star Trek ended for me after The Wrath of Khan. Though I feel bad for the franchise now, as it's being milked for every penny it's worth. Enterprise flopping should have been clue enough that Star Trek's reached it's limit... but some people can't seem to take the hint.
  10. I dunno... I always thought she was being sarcastic when she said that.
  11. Methuss is pretty much all assembled (yeah I was slacking) I'm thinking of making a base coat of metallic so that when I paint the yellow-orange on, it'll give off the "shiny" effect the MS had in Z Gundam's second opening... A little worried about screwing it up though, as I likely won't be able to salvage it in the event of a mishap.
  12. Nice Were any zimmerit tools or anything included in it, or did you do that yourself?
  13. I think those DVDs have about 8 episodes each, though.
  14. Damn, some of the synching on that AMV seemed almost natural. Best AMV ever.
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