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  1. I love the Optimus Primal body. AND the "I Have Mondays" quote. Priceless!
  2. Wonder if it'll be a direct sequel to Delta since it's relatively close in production time(in Macross terms). Or perhaps related to Megaroad 1 since they mentioned it in Delta but didn't really go anywhere with it.
  3. NBasara

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Confirmation email from AmiAmi GET! YOU WIN PAH-FECT!!!!!!!!! BOMBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Preorder GET!
  5. Order Stop!
  6. NO WAY WOULD I SUPPORT THIS! If it goes through Sony, it would mean it also goes through HG and I will not support that company!
  7. Suddenly it makes so much sense. When I watched episode 13, it felt like I was watching a final episode(the ship action, Freyja jumping off the ship to get her song through, Hayate defeating Keith, etc.). With a few changes, I would have liked it as a final episode. It's disappointing to find out that producers would sacrifice an already complete storyline and add subpar episodes just because the ratings were good. I understand that this probably happens all the time, but if you have some idea that you might be extended(you really thought you were going to make a 13 episode Macross tv series?), then have a better idea of what the continuation will be. The episodes since episode 13 have been painful to watch. I can't imagine anything other than a train wreck happening at this point. Well, if Basara appeared in the last episode, my mind could be persuaded.
  8. I haven't had a reason to go to AX in years, but this year I have two! Jam Project and SK. Don't even know if I'll be able to go...................
  9. I'm waiting to see the Basara umineko that comes out of the water with Basara glasses. Just like Nekko Basara's profile pic.
  10. I also wonder if the Skull Squadron member(I think at the beginning of Romanesque?) was Millard from Macross Plus. I think there's a profile out there somewhere that says he was a member of Skull Squadron at some point.
  11. Yeah, I like to think the elderly Monster crew in M7 is this group we see in Love Drifts Away too. I always wondered how they could still have such a huge thing. It would have been a pain and expensive to maintain, especially for some guys in an elderly home. Plus it still had live ammo!
  12. You've got the touch! You've got the power! Great podcast! Listening to the opinions makes me wonder if when all is said and done with Delta, if Macross 7 will be seen in a more favorable light. <crossing fingers that Basara will make an appearance even though I know he won't >
  13. 2067 would mean Mirage would have been born in 2049. Being Meltrandi, I wouldn't be surprised if Milia could still have children then. But it might make more sense that she's a grandchild. No matter what, Max's descendants are all females! It would be nice to hear what happened to Macross 7 even if Basara never returned to it. I'm sure we won't though.....
  14. オレの歌を聞きたくねと言うのか。冗談じゃねぜ!

  15. My first exposure to Macross was through HG. Not as Robotech, but as Macross, the home video release that had the first 3 episodes of SDFM. Rick Yamada/Ichijo Hikaru, Lisa Hayase?/Hayase Misa. I can still remember the theme song, "Soldier of warlords from deep space, MACROSS! Hurled through the night to this new place, MACROSS!, etc." Robotech came next. My first time watching DYRL was Clash of the Bionoids. Eventually, I got to watch the Japanese version of everything. Buying Macross II as an OVA in Japan. Got the Manga Entertainment release of Plus, watched 7 through a Japanese tv rental store in the area. I would wait every month for the next 4 episodes to be put on tape and available and took that home and copied it. Still have those tapes along with the Japanese CM's. It's amazing how far we've come in terms of being able to watch newer versions of Macross. I'll always be a fan of the franchise.
  16. Basara. I liked Hikaru before M7 ever premiered, but there was no question once Basara showed up. Max gets honorable mention for being the best fighter pilot ever. At any age.
  17. I used Eco - SAL Registered Economic Registered for my Ozma. Ordered on 11/26, received on 12/11 by USPS.
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