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  1. I'll knock $25 off the price if your name is Mike :-P Seriously, make some offers. The OBO is there for a reason; all reasonable offers will be considered.
  2. Up for sale is a E/VG condition Works by Hidetaka Tenjin, purchased at Otakon 2012 and autographed by the author at same. It's made out to Mike - that's me. The main cover and contents are all in Excellent or better condition - no creases, marks, nothing. The outer soft cover is in VG condition - there is a minor pull divot at the top, as pictured. It probably just needs to sit under a heavy, flat object for a while to flatten it out gently. The outer ribbon is in VG condition with minor folds by the spine. I am more than happy to take more specific and detailed photos if needed.
  3. On Ebay! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=161257922395 Buy It Now/asking price dropped to $140, with an automatic Best Offer acceptance at $125! Get it while it's hot! (Please help feed my cats ;_; ) Edit: SOLD on Ebay! Cats to be fed! Thanks MWF!
  4. Bump - lotsa interest but no firm commits yet, open to offers!
  5. A few years ago, I won the Yamato SV-51A at the Otakon charity auction. I displayed it for a little while at work, and when I switched jobs, I brought it home and put it in storage. I haven't taken it out since, and it's been collecting dust in the box. Comes with all parts, ready to look great on the shelf. The stand is AWOL. Not sure where it's at, but it wasn't in the box. I don't have the plastic inserts that hold it in place, but I will pack it extremely carefully - packing peanuts to hold the unit within the box, and the box will get air-packed/bubble-wrapped for security. The b
  6. Hooray for local cons! Hope some of the workshops are newbie-friendly!
  7. Build the kid a 1/1 scale Bright with authentic slapping action? (kidding)
  8. Speakers, schmeakers, if there's a subwoofer in 1/72 scale it needs to go on this thing! Drop bombs AND the bass all at once!
  9. Why is this a week before Otakon D: I think I may have to hit it up if I can get my airbrush skills to par from noob to whatever they teach.
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