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  1. Give your money to Shukenzero! I had a quick and easy transaction with him for a VF-27. It arrived on time with no damage. Thus, I graciously nominate him to the straight shooter list.
  2. @Scyla Thank you for taking your time to answer my questions! I just thought of getting the YF-29 Focker because it seemed like a good deal since it seems to be priced normally at $300-400. But I'll be patient and get the YF-29 Ozma whenever it (or if it ever) comes out. I gave it some thought and I think I'll get a VF-25 renewal for my first 1/60 valk. Even though the original valks have so much nostalgia-charm in them, I prefer the designs of newer valks.
  3. Hi guys, I have a few newbie questions. 1)So I'm trying to buy my very first valk toy. I have a pending sale for a VF-29 Focker paint scheme for, what I think is a good deal, $200 with shipping. However I don't know if I should get it or cancel it and wait for VF-29 Ozma pain scheme, which is what I really want. I don't really like the current paint schemes of the VF-29 when it is in fighter mode, but it looks great in gerwalk or battroid. Personally, Ozma's paint scheme is the only one I like in all three forms. I know that Bandai just announced the Isamu paint scheme, so what are the chances of the Ozma paint scheme comming out by next year? 2)Is summer and winter the typical time when new valks are released? Just wondering so I would know when to be actively looking for new things. 3)Lastly, what does it mean when something is a web exclusive release? From what I gathered, pre-ordering valk toys often sell-out quickly. But web exclusive releases seem to keep their pre-order open until release. So being web exclusive means unlimited pre-orders? I'm basing my info from the comments here. "No guys this is a web exclusive so the preorders will be at all the middleman services and will stay open until the end date." Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks MechTech for replying! It seems not a lot of people here are too keen on replying to newbie questions. Oh well, thanks for the tips. Thankfully, Bandai's 1:72 VFs are all snap together. Still, I will take your advice and purchase a simply snap together model this weekend to mess around with and practice applying decals.
  5. Hello MW Forums! As the thread title suggests, I have never built a model before and I am here to humbly request for some help. Because frankly, I have no idea where else to ask. To add to the challenge, my first model will be a Variable-Fighter. Bandai 1:72 VF-27 Lucifer to be exact. So yeah. An inexperienced person trying to build a complex kit: something is bound to go wrong. That is why I am seeking the wise model builders of this forum to aid me through my first journey. But that doesn't mean that I didn't do some research of my own. I've read MechTech’s Beginner’s Model Building, a good overall tutorial to understand the basics. I've also read/saw Jarrod’s fantastic review of his VF-25. I plan to transform my VF-27 frequently and treat it more like a toy than a model. So although I aspire to have the skills to create such detailed work like Jarrod’s, right now I just want to add enough details on my first model so it doesn't look like a cheap plastic toy. To begin with, I have 3 main questions: 1) Like the other VF-25 kits, the VF-27 model kit comes with both decals and stickers. Would stickers suffice or should I just take the time and effort of adding the decals? From what I gathered, the stickers are meant to be used for inexperienced modelers like myself. If I were to use stickers, I fear that they will eventually peel off after many transformations. I could try adding a top coat to seal the stickers, but then I worry about accidentally sealing the model in place with the sealant. One more thing, is it obvious that stickers are, well, stickers compared to decals from a distance? Although the picture is blurry, a stickered VF-27 doesn't look that bad: On the other hand, I fear if I chose to use the decals I will mess-up a few of them due to my inexperience. But there has to be a first time for everything. Do decals wear off easily over time? In the end, which one should I use as a first-time modeler? 2) Another question, how do you create crisp black lines for detailing seen in Jarrod’s VF-25 model? I did a little research and found some Gundam ink pens that are used to fill in the indents of their models, and any excess are wiped away. Which begs the question, how well does the ink stay if it can be simply wiped away? Is there another method for adding the lines? 3) Lastly, although the VF-27 model doesn't need paint (except the pilots), are there places or pieces of the model that you would recommend, or essential, to paint? A review from HobbyLink painted some ‘innards’ of the VF-27 with gunmetal. Simple, but effective at emphasizing the piece: In general, what should I be aware of when building the model? What must I do and what newbie mistakes should I avoid doing? Gah, I have so many questions! I know most of my questions should really be based on my preference, but I really don’t want to screw-up my first model. Call me a wimp, but I am not diverting from the instruction manual without any help. My kit won’t be arriving for another week, so I appreciate and any tips and tricks, even insults, that you would like to share before I begin my endeavor. Thanks!
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