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  1. Title is pretty self-descriptive.
  2. ThreeZero would be lightyears ahead of Evolution Toys for sure.
  3. Master Made and the like were before the Bigwest/Harmony Gold cool down, so I don't think the barrier to entry will be as high. Heck, Kitz Concept was able to do it, albeit with the Robotech license, and same with other bit players like Calibre Wings. I think the main reason we didn't se 3P do more Macross was simply because it's not as lucrative as Transformers, which has broad reach in both China and the West. Of course they won't have a choice once Takara brings the hammer down on them. I don't see the relevance of the designs being outsourced. Bandai, Sentinel, and ThreeZero also outsource their design work.
  4. A VF-11 would be nice too. Hell, even a plain reissue of the original 1/60. I think Arcadia isn't spreading themselves enough. Have they touched anything new that doesn't have its roots from Yamato? Meanwhile you have companies like Sentinel making perfect transformation Legioss toys from scratch, a real missed opportunity for Arcadia. Once the third party Transformers companies are no longer able to make TF's, they'll be forced to become legitimate. We're already starting to see that with some of the former KO Metal Build companies now making legitimate licensed figures for Gurren Lagann and the like. It's only a matter of time before established third party companies like Fanstoys or Master Mind Creations come into the Japanese giant robot scene, and with Bigwest and Harmony Gold finally sorting out the international licensing issues, Macross will be on the plate for these companies to tackle. While Bandai likely won't be phased, small companies like Arcadia will be in a world of hurt if they can't churn out enough product to compete.
  5. I was put off by the small issues of stability with the figure and at the time (2015) it wasn't going at the insane prices as it is now.
  6. The ratched hips would have also done wonders with pose stability.
  7. Honestly, I kinda regret selling my Chronos all those years ago. It's easily the best-looking modern Valkyrie, far moreso than the VF-31 based on it. Hope Bandai makes a V1.5 using the improved engineering from the VF-31.
  8. Wasn't the aftermarket price skyrocketing because of some fake news about Takara trying to put Fanstoys out of business? Whatever the reason, I'm experiencing some major deja vu right now with what happened when Yamato became Arcadia. Their aftermarket prices were so insane after they went bankrupt that Arcadia, upon receiving the molds, would charge 50% or higher for the same toy as when it was released by Yamato. To think that a barebones VF-1 sold by Arcadia today is almost double what it cost when it came out in 2008. Seems Fanstouys and the rest of 3P are just following tried and true tactics. That's still $100 more than what he was three years ago...
  9. Doesn't help that Takara's pricing has also gone off the rails, giving third parties even more incentive to increase their price tags to match. I think the days of third party being a bargain relative to more legitimate manufacturers like Bandai/Arcadia/Takara are coming to an end.
  10. I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on Quietus. I've never bought any Fanstoys product but the jet mode is just far too cool for me to pass up, even compared to what we've seen from Macross. Why is he so expensive though? The reissue is going for $310 which is well into Arcadia territory.
  11. Only the original non-weathered beige version, not the olive. Also have a displayed Hi-Metal R Glaug that I would be willing to trade.
  12. Great to buy from @sumyumgoy. Excellent communication and careful packing/shipping.
  13. This is an amazing price. I would totally leap on it if not for the high international shipping, but that can't be helped. I hope someone else from Austrailia recognizes just how good of a deal this is.
  14. I finally found out how to leave feedback for him through different means, which makes me feel slightly less pissed off. But I'm still going to call tomorrow because I refuse to let him get away with such underhanded tactics.
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