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  1. Good to see this project isn't dead. I've been busy as hell too doing freelance jobs. Lets get this thing going!
  2. I cant believe you mentioned those films instead of The Smurfs! just kidding.
  3. Interesting story idea, I would like to read a full treatment and script. I have some feature film experience as a CG sequence previz artist, modeler, animator, matchmover, compositor, and as well as onset VFX supervisor. I'd be willing to do some compostiting at the least on this. If I have more free time I could lend a hand with other stuff too. I'm too lazy to put together an updated reel but you can check out my school reel, it has aircraft in it. http://westgatevfx.com/demoReel.php http://westgatevfx.com/work_personal.php
  4. Nice Stuff!!! Did I see some Optical flares from AE? I brushed off some old stuff now too. Since i'm on break until May I might get a chance to render something.
  5. Nice start! Good to see some non standard stuff being made.
  6. I would love to make some animations. I would have to fix up my old vf models though.
  7. Looking good! I worked on that "certain movie". haha. I composited a shot of the shuttle on the launch pad with the autobots and Shia walking around.
  8. Nice work! The Vue environments look great. Are you using xstream or exporting the camera to standalone?
  9. One of these days I will get back to my VF-1.... It's not Macross but I've been working on this for school.
  10. Great stuff guys!! I really need to convert my stuff to Maya.
  11. I might be able to get some test plates on Thursday, busy as hell with school this week. Anyway, I'm off to my Mental Ray class.
  12. Nice stuff man! I had a teacher a while back that was a character designer for rockband. What software have you used for compositing? I'm decent in shake and after effects. Here's a quick comp I put together for match moving class, it's a 2d track so it's not perfect but it got the job done. Added the plane and replaced the street signs. Don't mind the crappy compositing. I have an HD cam and I'm near LA.
  13. Thankfully youtube has the first 3 episodes online. I'll check it out and see what we're up against. I think it would be kinda cool to do live action background plates and just do camera tracking.... it would be impossible to find a location that looked similar though.
  14. HAHA!!! Good to see ya Dat!
  15. Sounds like a fun project, I'm willing to give it a shot. We should figure out what shots to do so we can start modeling background elements. I've taken some classes on matte painting too. Haven't had a time to keep up with it though, it would be nice to practice my skills with this project.
  16. I've been using maya like crazy for school, I can do just about anything in it now but rig I want to rig my stuff and animate it so bad!!! I'd love to do some compositing and matchmoving with macross models, like the city battles from the first episodes.
  17. Nice work as always Doc! Good to see you posting this stuff again.
  18. Brianw76


    You are my hero! I want to make some macross stuff so bad but I have too many medieval weapon models to make for my 3DS Max class. Love the class though, my teacher works for Blizzard Entertainment. Keep it up!!!
  19. Brianw76


    DUDE!!!!!!! WOW!!!!
  20. I could never do anything to rival the original (yet), I'd rather sit back with a beer and watch the original.
  21. Socal Party!!! EXO might have a heart attack but I just might show up this time. I'll need a break from school by then.
  22. Brianw76


    I blew up my computer doing my final for character design class. I haven't been able to touch 3D stuff all break. But I did get some time to play that Macross game for PSP. I have a quad core, dual video card machine coming tomorrow so I can warm up with 3D Studio Max before school starts again. I hope I'll still have a chance to work on some Macross models before my break is over.
  23. Brianw76


    Great work, very clean model! keep it up! I'll be joining the modeling scene with you in 2 days, once finals are over!
  24. Brianw76


    Great Start!! You have got to share those with us when you're finished. I'm too lazy to make some for my valk I've always wanted to recreate this shot from Final Fantasy: Spirits Within with a valk and booster.
  25. We should start a new thread dedicated to the CG old timers... just to show all these new comers how it's really done.
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