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  1. This is the paint master, so it's an upscaled prototype. In his FB video he says the actual toy will be much smaller. Although he joked that it would be cool to keep it at this size!
  2. Reputable seller in Australia. 5th item down, specifically tailored to fit on top of a detolf . Currently out of stock, but seems like something that will be re-stocked. Shipping is probably pretty high outside of OZ. https://sugotoys.com.au/product/display-box/
  3. Hello, Just as the topic says, I am hoping that someone out there who has purchased either the blue (eta) and/or green (iota) legioss/tread from CMS is willing to part with the plastic sprue of screw hole covers that came with either of them. Looking online, I've been given the impression that many collectors have forgone using them. I'd very much like an extra set just in case. I can pay via paypal. In terms of price, as long as its reasonable and justifiable, I'll probably bite! Thanks! Oh, I'm in New Zealand, so I'll definately pay for the shipping cost!
  4. Sent a couple PMs concerning the VF-1A Orguss Valk Custom!
  5. The Yamato version 2 VF-1J w/super Milia, I'd call it a panic buy as well, c'est la vie. Non-Macross would be a Games Workshop all-metal Thunderhawk Gunship kit from the late 90s!
  6. Just recently completed two great purchases from two great sellers: yman1437 and Mark Warlock They both provided excellent deals, fast shipping, and great communication! Thanks!!!
  7. It's true, not the end of the world, it will be interesting to see what kind of company Arcadia ends up as, and what products they may end up selling down the line, Macross or not!
  8. Wow, I really got on board the Yamato train at the right time, and I didn't even know about everything that happened until I popped onto this board. I've been fortunate enough to get most of what I initially wanted save for the 1/60 v2 Max and Millia VF-1J and a TV super pack. Anyone have any leads I'd be much obliged! Yeah, I've got several things from both those sellers, especially esthertool, and they've always been fast, but that could be because I'm in New Zealand. The "make offer" will only get you a dollar or two off, and they always say its due to the free shipping, who knows. Shucks, I bought Yamato's 1/60 VF1-J Hikaru TV version befor seeing that some places still had the super parts combi-pack, which I would have prefered. Its looking as if getting theTV super parts by themselves is going to be tough! 1st post since 2005!
  9. Thanks for the tip, I alway figured there was such a substance! Once again, great job.
  10. Excellent job, they look so clean and shiny. How'd you get the white to look so great?
  11. Bluedeath, Great work, I'm happy to see someone else in Macross World doing 1/55 customs, since those are what I am currently working on. You find a cheap joon and some spare Jetfire parts, you have to create. My attempt at a VF-1C is almost done, hope it comes out at well as your Max!
  12. No one? It's so tough just to get one little piece!
  13. Hi, I posted previously about getting this and a VF-1d head. Well, I 've secured the head, so now I was hoping somebody out there might have an extra recast of the 1/55 scale double seater cockpit, or maybe even an original they would be willing to sell for a reasonable price. Thanks, Heliodore
  14. Hey!, Where'd everyone go, I'm still willing to buy a vf-1d head and two seated cockpit. Please don't disappear! Regards, Heliodore
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