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  1. damn dude, thats a KIT??? it looks like a pre-built diecast. I thought thats what it was. nice job on it. thumbs way up. so how come you went with a Spyder?
  2. It looks to me to be Dark Purple. What brand?
  3. if you're talking controllers I think the xbox S-Controller is the best ever. I have the Logitech Wireless S-Controller for the 'box and I think its great. I use it everyday and even with vibration on it just sips on batteries.
  4. I don't agree. I think the trailer makes the film look like some neat, mindless fun. I'm not a hard-core military nitpicker, so the unrealistic portions of the plane don't bother as much as some on the board. I'm hoping that Ms. Biel will actually be used as an actress in this movie instead of just walking T&A (but I don't think that'll happen with Hollywood's mindset). All in all, this is a movie I'm gonna see in the theaters and will probably enjoy. thats what I said but have pratically had my head chewed off for being a "troll". I think some of the "plane only" scenes look really cool. just like yukikaze. but.. the scenes with humans in them I could probably pass on. (on another note: I really hope Macross World doesn't become a foum where no one is allowed to express their opinions without being called a troll. I didn't break a sweat with all this drama that was going on but I know some people did and threw around some nasty names. I just hope it continues to be a place where people have the freedom to express themselves whether or not it 120% completely agrees with some people. as long as no profanity or physical threats are used everyone has the right to disagree with one another in a civilized manner and have a civilized arguement where they should be allowed to explain their point of view.)
  5. At an all-day work conference. And now about to sit down for dinner. Bannings will be implemented after I've had food. Even if they edit their posts now it's too late. I know who's going to be without MW for a week. That is all. lemme guess. its not gonna be the uppity girl right?
  6. no chit.. I couldn't believe that was him at first on the front page of the movie's website.. what the heck was he thinking? going from "Ray" to this steaming pile? I'm thinking its all about the $$$$$$$$$ for him. guess he just can't look into the future and see that he can make even more $$$$$$ down the road if he just picks good movies and builds a career for himself.
  7. I'm pretty sure thats a licensed Valk from the Macross: Bizarro World series...
  8. be a man, don't take any lip from her and show her who's boss. if she says anything to you about it just give her five across the eyes.
  9. I don't think anyone expects there to be too many female posters on a site called "Macross World" either way, take it up with PM. unless you're talking about "Other Anime or Science Fiction" I don't think you should be posting.
  10. Haven't you caught on by now that they are solely trying to start a flame war with me without actually insulting me directly? DA's been a little slow to catch on but at this point it's obvious these aren't about the movie or Ms Biel's acting chops as a fighter pilot. Panzer should change his SN to "pander" cuz his last reply was total BS to make the mods feel better since the thread was goign down hill (still is IMO). EDIT: Uxi's no better either. Topic Title "Stealth" aboard USS Abraham Lincoln Enter your report Please note: The moderator will be made aware of the link to the post and the topic title. This form is to be used ONLY for reporting objectional content, etc and is not to be used as a method of communicating with moderators for other reasons.
  11. not exactly current. it looks like a H2 Hummer release party so it has to be sometime in 2003 when those where launched. maybe he got old and decrepit in 2 years? (for some reason that pic makes me hungry as #hit for cake.. maybe because ahhnold is so enthusiastic about cutting it or something )
  12. yeah.. a BFA from the University of Arizona in Graphic Design and 8 years of professional graphic design experience kinda makes you an expert ya jack ass. Yeah, and there's nothing quite so funny as someone who flaunts their paper credentials to back up silly comments about something that is supposed to be within their area of expertise. I don't doubt that you have the degree. . . but I wonder why they never taught you about basic things such as the futility of trying to judge the authenticity of an image from a small, low quality JPEG. That's Arnold's head, dude. . . and the fact that you would use your expertise to criticize the job they did on his eyes, nose, and mouth. . . when it is an obvious head-crop job. . . well, that just cracks me up. H hey, all I'm saying is that its a really good job. the skin tone, texture and lighting are all perfect. I personally don't think its his head on a different body. I think its his facial features stuck on someone elses face. just my expert opinion.
  13. yeah.. a BFA from the University of Arizona in Graphic Design and 8 years of professional graphic design experience kinda makes you an expert ya jack ass.
  14. well being someone who's an expert at photoshop (me) the only thing that looks suspect to me is the areas I pointed out. his neck or head don't look strange at all. oh yeah, let me add this at the end of my message: C
  15. yeah, the way drunken packs of them fill the bars in San Diego and and pick fights with anyone who crosses their path really portrays them in a pretty annoying way too
  16. we're talking MOVIES and MOVIE CHARACTERS here fella. not women's lib. I don't have any problem with women and I love them and respect them. its just I don't think some of the roles they carry help very much with the "entertainment" factor of some action movies. thats all. and its just an opinion. if you want to pick a fight do it over PM.
  17. the nose is definetly photoshop and the eyes could very well be too. very weird that someone would take the time to do this..
  18. thats a pretty damn good photoshop IF it in fact is. the only thing I can tell that looks fake is his mouth. I think perhaps they found some old dude that had pretty close features and slapped his mouth on there so seal the deal.
  19. if thats not one of the greatest, most inspirational lines in all movie history, well, I don't know what is.
  20. yeah.. just like what I said before. Leading, alpha roles played by women (i.e. Aliens vs. Predator) just make the whole film corny and instantly "jump the shark". dude, thats pure movie MAGIC.
  21. the trailer had a few scenes that looked exactly like Yukikaze.. but yeah, I'm not gonna pay $10.00+ to see this one. definetly a rental though.
  22. so... yeah... It doesn't look like the plane design is going to win over any of the hard-core military fans.. but there might be some cool licensing that'll come out of this movie and a new "jet craze" for all things jets may start up this summer. you never know. I'd certainly buy a diecast toy of one of those. The only pre-built stuff for yukikaze is those little plastic jets from Yellow Sub.. if they sell some diecast planes from this movie that might be cool. i'd be a good way to get my "futuristic fighter plane" pre-built toy fix. they won't look Yukikaze cool but some licensed merchandise might be worth picking up. or for you guys that hate them you could use them as diorama fodder and have your F-15 diecast toys blowing them up and classify them as the "alien threat"!
  23. troll! troll! ban him! ban him! he's "insignificant"!
  24. yeah. atleast I haven't used too much profanity yet. I guess the stupidity is contagious around here.. some of its brushing off on me too..
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