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  1. 9 hours ago, tekering said:

    Given how you've embraced Aramaki Shinji's Garland and Motoslave designs, it's nonetheless strange that you'd ignore his most well-known transformable motorcycles.  There's been far more Mospeada merchandise produced than Megazone 23 and Bubblegum Crisis put together. 😅

    Honestly, Kaneda's bike is the outlier, being neither Aramaki's design nor transformable... 🤔

    Anime was hard to come by in the late 80's, I was at the mercy of bootleg VHS tapes and got what I was given.

    Wow!  I never seen any of these fan made transformations.  Thanks!

  2. 11 hours ago, tekering said:

    With all due respect, sir, I believe you've miscounted...


    There are FOUR, not three. 😉

    WOW great pic!!!  Strangely I never got into Mospeada in my high-school days so I can kindly ignore that existed LOL.

  3. Oh man that's beautiful, I wish that was a moving toy!!!  I wish Arcadia would reissue those older Yamato toys or better yet Bandai redo them.  Now that I just got my Garland and Akira bike, I just need Priss to complete my 3 red 80's bike collection!

  4. 57 minutes ago, Bobby said:

    @wm cheng Looks great in your display! The wash, the lights, especially the ctr console blue reflection on Kaneda!

    P.S. You can pop up the headlight higher or fully retract it if you hadn't messed with it yet

    Yes, I have been playing with the headlight.  I did have to gel the turn signals orange as it looks quite bright white out of the box, the orange lens just didn't color the turn signals enough, I ended up applying a double layer of orange gels (filters cut from my samples book) to make the light look orange instead of white.  It's kind of crazy they sell it with and without the Kenada figure.  I feel it really needs the figure to give it scale and presence, without it looks kind of generic.  The Ali-Express listings of this toy shows that you can just get the figure by itself, or bike by itself or together - so be care if you are ordering.

  5. Finally got it in hand and its great!  Very accurate for a non-licensed and better figure sculpt.  (too bad it wasn't in scale with the Garland) but the size is small which I like but with the lighting gimmick.  I just did a very quick little black wash to pick out the few recessed details.  Thanks for your comments and the link! IMG_3724.JPG.bc8092e4479284ff382bd60ec457a271.JPGIMG_3723.JPG.df8d0d8f0b121ac303dbd41b31f85082.JPG

  6. 51 minutes ago, M'Kyuun said:

    Yeah, I've seen MOCs that do the ball section better, but I think they're trying not to copy anybody else and put their own stamp on the design, not to mention make the build experience more interesting. However, as it's a display model, I'd prefer they just went with what looks best. I have the OG set still in all of its blue and black glory (still wonder what they were thinking going with that color scheme for TIEs for years when light and dark grey existed), and my need to collect everything LEGO Star Wars cooled off years ago. I wish there was a LEGO lending library where you could check out a set just to build it for the experience and then return it. But maintaining the integrity of the sets would be extraordinarily difficult even if you kept the sets in-house. Sure, I could buy the set, build it, and then sell it, but what a hassle. I'm better at buying stuff than selling it, which is why I own so much crap. 😄

    LOL you said my thoughts exactly!!!  I got the 2000 blue and black tie as a b-day present from my office at work back in the day.

  7. On 3/4/2023 at 3:38 PM, Dynaman said:

    Those days are long gone, except in the military and Unions (no judgement there, those are the only two places I know where you have to start at the bottom and move up).  The days where the mail room boy (do they still have them anymore?) stays with one company to eventually become CEO is long gone.  

    Hey @Dobber, @Dynaman, @Seto Kaiba very interesting observations about the Disco crew and entitlement.  Being in Art Dept (in ST SNW) but this isn’t specific only to Star Trek but all different art departments for all different shows, the newer generation hires never gel together like family from earlier on in my career.  New hires are constantly asking why they aren’t in charge more without taking the responsibility or earning the experience.  I feel the new younger writers represent this demographic now and Disco isn’t aimed at “us” old timers.  It’s aimed at the much larger younger generation that identifies with these instant gratification entitlement workplaces.  Experience is no longer valued because the corporations don’t promote from within anymore.  This generation moves up by being headhunted away into higher positions, if the companies won’t show you loyalty, why would you be loyal to the company?!


    Can’t say to much specifics but I can say that SNW is definitely the orphaned stepchild with the fewest resources of all the newer ST productions.  Disco has more than 2-3x our budget (and so squandered!).  Even the showrunner has said that TOS was so low budget and did its best when it had very little which is so frustrating for us.  SNW is seen as only popular with a very small (but vocal) dying aging demographic that’s getting smaller and more irrelevant.  The Studios are trying to court the larger more influential demographic than serve the old fans (which is why you get S31 and Starfleet Academy which is YA).

  8. Thanks, I did pull the trigger on the Ace Toyz version! The first thing I thought when I saw the smaller 1/12 Bandai PX-03 was I wished it was lit like the bigger 1/6 version - so when you guys pointed me to the Ace Toyz - I was like wow, it's exactly what I wanted!  It's just too bad the mechanical detailing wasn't as nice under all the cowling but I don't think I'd ever display it with the cowling off which offsets the display with the lights - so they cancelled each other out (in my post rationalization mind :P)  So what tipped me was that I find the figure nicer (better shaded, creases with wash, liked the magnetic swivels AND $60 cheaper.  I think I would turn on the lights more (and it is a bigger Wow factor) than I would remove the cowlings when playing with it.  It's really the perfect size to display with my new Garland (even though the scales are wrong but the relative lengths are close). 

    Now I just have to wait for someone to re-issue the Bubblegum Crisis Priss Motoslave in the Metallic Colour.  Thanks so much for your insights and help finding one.

  9. Thanks @Bobby - that's exactly the kind of opinion I was hoping to hear.  So you're recommending the Ace Toyz over the Bandai?  The lighting gimmick is cool at first, but I usually end up taking the batteries out after a few months when it sits in my display case as I've had a few batteries corrode on me after forgetting about them.  But it is a nifty feature!  The figure on the Any Toyz seems a bit better too.  But the mechanical details seem better on the Bandai especially with more covers to remove and strip down.

  10. Wow!  Is this Ace Toys bike out?  Does anyone have it?  Is it any good (better than Bandai)?  I've been eyeing the Bandai PX-03 but at over $200-$250 its a bit rich for me.  But my recent 1/15 Garland has lit a fire under my butt for these 80s motorcycles from my youth.  I'm concerned it doesn't have all the markings - says waterslide decals is limited edition but can't find that for sale anywhere and its around $200 too - so which is better, Bandai or Ace Toys?

  11. Well, my HLJ Quick Pack arrived via UPS all the way - it took 6 business days + a weekend.  It cost $30 shipping from HLJ and costed me $50 brokerage fee and collected tax (GST/HST) to Canada.  It was a small package, the re-issue Arcadia 1/24 Garland, so a $280cdn toy cost me $80cdn in shipping - this is getting expensive!!!

  12. I just picked up the re-release of Arcadia Megazone23 1/24 Garland and its re-ignited my love of 80's motorcycle anime.  What is the best Priss & Motoslave toy there is?  Is it the Metallic version of the Yamato toy?  Any hopes that Arcadia might have purchased those and re-release?  Any news or suggestion on where I might find one of these - I've looked at Manadrake for the past year and nothing comes up.  It's too bad as I do love BC series and the music, but it doesn't seem to have quite a resurgence as some of the other 80's toys lately. 

  13. 7 hours ago, Kurt said:

    Grungy JLTV is complete. Starting to work on some stowage. Doors are not glued on. Will likely have at least a couple of them open once I settle on a diorama idea.

    Had a moment of horror just before I started weathering. I was squeezing some white paint out of one of those Valejo bottles onto a pallet and had the model too close. Opening had some dried paint on it that let loose and squirted white paint on the model. I quickly was able to remove most of it, but not entirely. Had to apply some weathering a bit heavier in certain areas to hide what remained. 







    Wow @Kurt absolutely stunning!!!

  14. Well I selected the "HLJ Quick Pack powered by Yamato Transport" and now I get a UPS shipping notice from Tokyo - but it was about $15-20 cheaper than selecting UPS as a shipping method.  Odd, I guess they choose to go that route instead?  I thought maybe the last mile might be UPS, but its coming from Tokyo via UPS - I guess there will be brokerage fees and customs & duties charges when it arrives.  Has anyone else selected this HLJ Quick Pack and gotten UPS instead?

  15. OMG!!! That's so funny, I didn't expect that!  I hope its a new way to avoid Brokerage fees & Customs for us Canadians.  3-5 days is pretty good in my books.  I used to always go EMS, but boy their prices have skyrocketed since returning after the pandemic.

    I couldn't find anything on the website shipping FAQ (are the desktop version different from the mobile site?).  Where did you get that screen cap from @Froy

    Delivery to Airport?  Does that mean I have to go to the airport to pick up my toy?  Argh.


  16. Sorry don't know where to ask this question.  Just saw a new shipping option on HLJ.com in my Private Warehouse that is called "HLJ Quick Pack - powered by Yamato International".  There was no explanation on the HLJ shipping FAQ.  It was the cheapest shipping option and was trackable and said it was 3-5 days delivery.  Has anyone used this before?  What is it?  It was cheaper than EMS, Air and Ship.  I selected it and now I guess I'll be the guinea pig find out how it's shipped.  Being in Canada, I hope it uses the Post Office in the last mile as it often forgoes the Customs, Duties and definitely the Courier's Brokerage fees.

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