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  1. I'm Surprised no one has said this yet, but when are you going to start work on the SDF-1 that we can attach it too ^_^

    *awaits beating*

    Not sure was trying to start it last year 2008 to much stuff to do to focus on it at the moment. I wanted it to transform accurately, however couldn't find good images showcasing how things slid out of each other and maintained their scale. Lots of anime magic on this spaceship tp make it transform. Even Yamato's version is not entirely anime accurate. Oh well! Give me some time... :unsure:

  2. RedLion, your work is awesome. I have Adobe Illustrator on my wife's Mac, and she can upscale, which is what I will do. I think it's about time I took those giant pieces of styrene out of storage, and put them to work. Question, what is the file made of? Is it EPS or AI? Is it Vector? if so, I have enough styrene to make this quite large, maybe a foot long. Anyways, please please send this to me. I've made paper projects before, (the paper Monster) and would love to do this and show off your awesome work. Please let me know if you can send me the file. Thanks :)

    No Problem Give me some time on this. The file I have is ans AI file and PDF at the current scale. I can up size it to 1 foot no problem. I have to finidsh up the crazy work related product first that's going to take several weeks. Please be patient.

    Best Brian

  3. Well the company I now work for prints things like membership cards and plastic Id's etc. The plastics are styrene or PVC usually and they use a sort of Dye Sublimation process. These printers can do A1 sheets they are huge. I have seen all shades done including whites and metalics and pearls printed. Very similar to a monster version of an Alps Printer that are used to make Decals by Anasai here at MW.

    Unfortunately although I work in the same building oposite the art department, I as of yet don't know anyone in the department. Although they do have lots of off cuts in 1-2mm Styrene that I am trying to get a few bits of. All off cuts get shreaded as part of the green recycling policy.

    At the very least I may be able to get some more plastic supplies :)

    Otherwise I may resort to making a decal sheet in black and white and transfering it to the finished article, if it works out.

    Wow that's very interesting! Let me know how big you would want to replicate it and I can upscale it. Also if the could print it from an AI (Adobe Illustrator) file.

    The decals done by Anasai I wonder if he uses vector art as well using Corel Draw or Illustrator?

  4. Im sure that others will ask too but I would like to give it a go although I may well try it in plastic and slightly bigger. I may even be able to get it printed on the plastic at work in the art department.

    If you would be interested in sharing your work that would be out standing.

    I will, You have a printer at work that can print on plastic? What kind of machine is that? Please share.

  5. PLEASE, please tell me that you will make it available!! I will beg and plead - well I AM begging and pleading! I will put as much time into the cutting styrene to make a plastic version as you did making it in paper!! :lol:

    Do you have Adobe Illustrator? If not I can send you a PDF file in a couple weeks. It is pretty straight forward and if you can build boxes you should be able to build this without instructions.

  6. Here are the side bay drawings and the top section. Since this model is relatively small, I decided to cut out only the larger portions inserting a textured black paper to give it more depth. The details aren't super amazing as it could be, however I think it fools the eye enough that the essence of the A.R.M.D. is captured.





  7. Thanks all for the nice comments sorry I haven't posted anything for a while been busy. Here is the drawing I used to start from. From it I began to trace the proportions to make the 3D forms. Very Labor intensive!



  8. Thanks for all the comments As it was a labor of love. I also prefer styrene as it is more durable when sealed properly. Here are some reference photos I used and colored before the model was built. The last 2 were recolored to match colors in the books and Movie. I hope Yamato's version will have more detail then the one I did! :lol: Would love to see Lights and sounds on something that big! Oh well one can dream right!





  9. Here are the color Photos for you enjoyment! I will Try to offer this free for Macross Worlder's to enjoy, However no instructions at this time?? :huh: The penny shows the scale. I'll upload how it was done soon. Enjoy the rest of the photos











  10. PLEASE, please tell me that you will make it available!! I will beg and plead - well I AM begging and pleading! I will put as much time into the cutting styrene to make a plastic version as you did making it in paper!! :lol:

    I will Try however no instructions lots of parts to this puppy!

  11. Hello All,

    I thought I would share with you a project I started working on last year in reproducing the ARMD carriers that were featured In Macross Do You Remember Love. I like the designs of those because of their aggressive nature. This project was based on testing the limits of card model construction. I had planned on doing the S.D.F.-1 to fit the A.R.M.D.'s but not enough time in the day and besides Yamato is coming out with theirs later this year. (designed In Adobe Illustrator)

    Anyway enjoy I will upload the final color version soon.

    Brian L.




  12. GA Graphic's reviews of the DX Chogokin VF-25F and VF-25S coloured test shots.



    Good Pics! halfway succesfull engineering. Why couldn't they get the engine nacells to seat properly in jet mode is a mystery to me! It is very possible!! I wish Takara was working on this more than Bandai, becasue they are slipping in final excecution! The landing gear are so much of an afterthought that it makes the toy look cheap. I pray that these are not final fits!!!!

    Please tell me Bandai will fix!? :wacko:

    Or is it too Late? :unsure:

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