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  1. The five point articulation stinks big time but be reminded that Disney royalties are spanking articulation, paint ops, and features off of the toys. I think they are planning a black series T-Fighter and pilot which is going to be huge. Couldn't imagine a X-wing at that scale. Where would I display this? Hasbro is more concerned with making a profit on these toys than coming out with outstanding product. Their profit margins are ridiculous which makes it tough to design great toys, especially for a license like this one.
  2. Hasbro X-Wing Super deformed! Similar to 1979 X-Wings. I wish they were larger like the electronic Luke version. Perhaps they will milk it and release a scale version later. I'm missing the red LED in the nose cone.
  3. RedLion

    3P SD VF-1S

    Very Nice hope it doesn't cost a fortune!! Landing gear would be nice!!
  4. After examining this toy, I found it to have an incredible amount of detail and the assembly is excellent. Having been involved in toy design for many years now it is good to see a product that utilizes excellent molding techniques. You will find no screws on this toy everything has been press fit or glued to insure a seamless design throughout. I would love to get an un-assembled version of this to study the craftsmanship! Some of the areas of molding had me stumped because I couldn't find the parting lines, then I realized that it contained several molded pieces placed together. Be Very Careful, as all of the pieces are molded from hard plastic!!! The antennas and other parts on not out of a flexible PVC, so they can break easily. Watch out for the bridge antennas on the big bridge and on the ARMD's! Also the little antennas that stick out from the base at the back of the head! Take extra care when transforming this toy and be patient. It is a pretty straightforward transformation and easy once you get the hang of it. My wish for all of the new VF's that they would be simple to transform. Now a days you need a PHD in transformation to successfully go from mode to mode! Over all awesome toy!! I would love to see their version of a non SD SDF-1 TV version and Movie!!
  5. Just got mine as well from robot Kingdom with 4 pack of TF cards and one hologram card. Very Nice indeed! The detail is exquisite!! However no Minmay figure??? Please pardon the crappy phone picture as it doesn't do the toy justice at all!! Not sure why the photo uploaded tilted??
  6. Looking pretty good Like the firing lion head. Will the mouth be painted up to the side plates like the touched up picture below? Also will the back area be red? I realize you don't have the graphics on it yet. We need lots of firing projectiles.
  7. Yeah the Toynami one is rather bland no features other than forming the robot. No gimmicks!!!
  8. That is one Awesome Model. I love the details and the weathering! Very Cool Work!!
  9. That would be cool at that scale. Let me know what you find out in terms of printing it on styrene. I still want to do the rest of the body but not enough time in the day!! Thanks again for all of the comments! Please share pictures of any builds you have done!
  10. Needs firing missiles and opening panels. Has to be better than the 1980's version for me to consider purchasing.
  11. From Robot Kingdom this is the price including shipping to the states! Subtotal US$ 99.90 Shipping & Handling US$ 26.71 Grand Total US$ 126.61
  12. Awesome!! Thanks for the update! "Holy Detail Batman!!" Now if the can make some transformable joke machines my purchase will be complete!!
  13. I agree need to bring back the 1/3000 one. The small one is cute but expensive. I wish the original 1/3000 had lights and sound effects such as, the iconic warning siren, transformation noise, warp effects, main gun firing, and engine sounds. Too much to ask for a toy that has limited run. So used to the large distribution of products we designed when working on Transformers with Takara. Oh well, one can always dream!
  14. The VF-27 Is Very Nice! Cool Design and toy interpretation! Will be snagging this one for sure!
  15. I'm sure it's coming. Bandai has to reclaim the Macross property and do right by it! Only time will tell.
  16. I saw those scans, couldn't tell if they were of the model or toy! any chance of getting a higher resolution of the scans? The color on the VF-27 gun looks better than the ones on the Deluxe Vf-25's. It looks like Bandai is trying to redeem themselves from rushed Macross 7 Toys of the 90's. Yamato and Bandai's slapfest will damage many bank accounts!
  17. No Problem! Have fun! sorry for he lack of instructions.
  18. Cool! Go for it can't wait to see your results! It would be fun to do one 1/60th scale (Super Detailed) and attach the launch arm that one of the other modelers is building (Sorry forget the name), and have it on display at the Air and Space Museum! I think kids and adults would go nuts! Oh Well just a thought?
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