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  1. Up for sale is my old Custom Ikea display cabinet I used for my macross collection.


    2 custom Ingo cabinets with lights, added a center strip, screw them together, put some base around the bottom and trim on the top to make one cabinet.

    Everything can still be separated.

    Size 13" deep 34-1/2" wide 71" tall and heavy..

    Sold!! Thanks!!

    I'm located in Montgomery County Maryland.








  2. Great collection! See you have kept all your 1/48's, you're only missing Macross 7 valks for a near complete collection.

    I remember your display shelf, I liked it a lot, wonder where this will all go now. B))

    In fact I do have a few macross7 valks still in there boxes.

    I just didn't have any room for them in the old cabinet.

  3. What type of cabinet are you moving the toys to? If I recall correctly, you had quite the nice wooden display cabinet already.

    I got a new Ikea Billy case and did a little bit of custom work to it to make it look better. I should have it done tonight.

  4. ... :D...

    There are still alive!!!!....Get them while you still can!!!.... :p





    ....WOWOWWWW....Think i was lucky and got the last one!!!....Gone now from HLJ stock again... :(


    Put my order in for another one...

  5. I recently bought a new VF-19S and when I opened it, the plastic pieces on the underside of the cockpit section that connect to the tabs from the body, were broken. One was completely broken off and the other is cracked and about to fall off. As can be seen in the attached image. Can I repair these pieces by using super glue, model glue, JB Weld???? If I can repair them, will the figure hold together properly?


    oh no not this again!!! I'm starting to have flash backs of the 100's of YF-19 neck hinge recasts I made...

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