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  1. From X-Transbots toys


    Dear Fans and Retailers:
    We've had a discussion regarding issues that have popped up with production sample reviews. We will address the elbow sliding mechanism and the bicep swivel at the factory before we ship to our retailers. The problem has been solved. Additionally, we'll include another set of tighter fitting ball sockets for the shoulders. All arms are able to hold the canon up without any issue but some arms seem loose holding it outward. If this is your experience, the replaceable sockets will fix that issue. We'll also include a small adapter for the extension canon's secondary mode. Finally, we'll include a small screwdriver with each figure for accessing the battery chamber and in case you need to replace the shoulder sockets. Apollyon will ship from our factory the last week of April. Your retailers should have them by early May. Thank you all for your patience, support and feedback. And thank you to the reviewers for their valuable input.

    Works for me...

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