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  1. On 10/19/2015 at 6:38 PM, Firesped said:

    got the OBP-Z2 back and i have it painted up now with at least an initial cost of paint. had some issues with the legs spanning off so I went back into the model and thickened up the leg connectors. It doesn't stand on its own, so I need to put it on a base.


    Did you make the 3D file for this yourself? If so, are you going to be sharing this for download?


  2. I purchased this earlier this year and I have had some unexpected bills come up that force me to sell this. I am asking exactly the cost I paid for it, $1085.00 US Dollars in total. Shipping will be cost to wherever you live.

    US Seller, product is in hand, it will be shipped double boxed in its original container. I put this on display straight out of the box, smoke free house, out of the sunlight. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

    Original description below.

    Limited Quantity: 800 pieces

    ST02 1:4 Robotech Armor Cyclone VR052F Scott Bernard statue.

    Kids Logic is proud to present the work of art - Mospeada 1: 4 Armor Cyclone statue.

    The story of Mospeada takes place in the year of 2050. A mysterious alien spices - Inbit invaded and successfully conquered the Earth. Earth became desolate with only a small amountof human beings scattered throughout the planet. MOSPEADA stands for Military Operation Soldier Protection Emergency Aviation Dive Armor, it is one of the major weapons to against Inbit.

    VR052F Cyclone may neither be the largest nor the top notch of gadget toy, but it is truly an art piece from Kids Logic creative team who had spent a year for research and 8 months for sculpting, all they want is sharing their dreams with all the fans of Robotech.

    Licensed By: Harmony Gold USA, Inc

    Material: Polystone, PVCScale: 1:4th Scale

    Height: 18 inches





  3. Sorry if this is way behind the curve, I don't keep up with the cutting edge of everything Macross. I just recently learned about the YF-24 Evolution. Online it talks about the specs and such, often referencing a scenario where Major Isamu Dyson pilots one and takes out 20 VF-19 / VF-22 fighters with it. 
    I have a few questions on this.

    1. Is there any plan to make a model of toy of the YF-24 Evolution?

    2. Where does this story occur, is it in a manga? If so, where can I get it.

    3. Any other sources for this fighter out there that are hard to find? 

    I've dug around and found some people who have made modified kits of it and such, but nothing more. I would dearly love to get a kit or toy of this fighter since it is all the best parts of several of my favorites all rolled into one design. 

    Any help on this topic is greatly appreciate.


  4. I've decided to clear out my Southern Cross kits since I am never going to build them.

    ALL of these kits are the ORIGINAL issue versions. These are not the reissues you can get anywhere.

    I am selling the whole lot together. The price is $500.00, that is the current, fair market value for all of these kits in the condition they are in.

    All of them are MINT with the exception of the Flash Clapper which was started. I am happy to provide any pictures you wish of the interiors. 
    Shipping will be COST to wherever you want it, so even if you are overseas, you won't be charged any more than it costs to ship it.

    I have 100% feedback on ebay, my ID is maxoconnor
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I am happy to provide more pics or even a video to show the kits one at a time if you need.
    Here is a a breakdown of each kit.

    10. Flash Clapper by LS. This is the hover cycle from the show with Jeanne Fransaix riding it.

    1. A.T.A.C. Jeanne Fransaix 1/12 scale Commander of the Alpha Tactics Armored Corps by LS.

    2. G.M.P. Lana Isavia 1/12 scale Grorie Military Police by ARII.

    6. T.A.S.C. 2nd Lt. Marie of the Tactical Armored Space Corps, 1/12 scale by IMAI.

    14. N.A.D. Jun Yamashita 1/12 scale Naval Armored Division by ARII

    4. G.M.P. Alan Davis 1/12 scale by LS.

    5. A.T.A.C. Charles De Etourd Lt. version 1/12 scale by ARII.

    8. A.T.A.C. Andrzei Slawsky Sgt. version 1/12 scale by ARII.

    11. A.T.A.C. Bowie Emerson Pvt. version 1/12 scale by ARII.












  5. On 4/21/2017 at 1:17 PM, Sully said:

    It's being a long time since I collected Macross model kits and finally got settled in my new house, but no longer have the room for the vast amount of my collection. I'm keeping my 1/144 scale kits, but all my other stuff needs to go up for sale. But last time I used to visit here and collect was over 10 years ago so I've no clue any more what this stuff is worth. Some advice would be great!


    I forgot to add, I live in Ireland.











    Hi, I am very interested in your Macross II kits, do you still have them?















  6. Orguss never gets enough love. Thank you for making these. Question, do you have any plans to make the unseen models like the Logwood? If you do, can these be 3D printed?

    I am seriously considering having a Logwood made in 3D but if you are already working on it, I won't bother.


  7. Hey guys, I am in some financial straights and have to sell my 2 Destroid toys to make ends meet. I bought these back in 2008 and only took them out to put in a sealed display cabinet. No decals, no play, etc, just sat them on the shelf. Now I need to sell them. I am selling them for $125.00 each or both for $230.00. Shipping would be actual cost so you won't be out anything extra. I am willing to ship international.

    I am posting pics of the actual boxed items here.

    Please feel free to ask any questions but they are both MINT. I accept paypal, my ID is 2ndkearny@gmail.com. Please feel free to check out my eBay feedback, it is under maxoconnor if you need confirmation. I have these listed over on a Battletech trade and sale page as well.

    Thanks for looking.



  8. Trying to sell this guy off cheap to make room for something better.

    I got this toy as a gift, I opened it one time and started to transform it and noticed there were some small bits in the packaging. I put the toy back to its original shape and repackaged it. I believe the toy is fine but I don't do transformable toys, so I felt it best to leave this one alone. I'm selling it off since I don't use it in my collections. The toy looks great and has no wear or tear. I'm selling this for less than I've seen it online since it might be defective. I don't know for certain but I don't want anyone who purchases this figure to be surprised after the fact. I'm selling it AS IS. Please purchase with this in mind. I have priced it accordingly. If you have any other questions, please ask before buying.
    Thanks for looking.
  9. these flags, from SC, they represent specific, different branchs of SC's armed forces right? Is this flag supposed to represent the Combined military might (think: Joint Chiefs of Staff)? what was the Goverment flag of the SC look like then?

    It is the flag of the entire government on Glorie, so in that sense yes, it is the flag for all of the Armies on Glorie. There are only two scenes that show the flag so I had to work from these and tried to keep it as accurate as I could while filling in the vagarities with known heraldic colors and symbols.

    Glad you all like it.

  10. I just finished my rendition of the proper flag for the Armies of the Southern Cross. Harmony Gold uses the logo for the Tactical Air Force as their default logo for all of Southern Cross but this one is correct. Southern Cross is my favorite Anime and I've spent a lot of time working on this to be true to the couple of images that are seen in the DVD. I took the two screen shots of the flag and created this image trying to utilize proper heraldic style which is what they would use.

    I hope you like it.



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