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  1. Done and done, preordered that bad boy to match my 1/60 VF-25S full armor, and then my 1/60 PG full armor RX-78 to match the 1/60 stealth valk VF-1S. Yea-yeaaah!
  2. I know, pretty cool...I was actually mixing VF-1S, VF-0S, and SV-51 missles. But live firing ammo next to reaction bombs...crazy setup. I like the low viz paint job too.
  3. David, How did he/she get the cobra logo on her chest/vest? It looks cool and nice.
  4. Is "dangercorpse" one of you guys or gals on MW? He's got a great looking Baroness using the Baronless Outfit. the photostream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dedguy/281638...in/photostream/
  5. Hi Shin, Upon opening up the Otaku 1.2 female figure, you'll notice a satin finish on the figure rathern than the PVC feel. It's somewhat translucent giving that "porcelain" look, very smooth; I think they did this to simulate skin/flesh tone. I would assume the same treatment with the male figure. Replacement chest pieces would be nice too...but it's lacking. The EVO & EVA will have them. The Otaku 1.2 female boobs are huge! Even my wife said, "gosh damn, those are huge!"....double Ds! One thing that I do not like is that there are no articulation on the rib cage area. You may discover this on the Shirokage figure. The Otake 1.2 female bodies are the same. But you can purchase an extra body, S1 for the female and Omega for the male...these basic, base bodies will have articulation on the torso and rib cage area. I noticed the weight of the Otaku 1.2 figure is heavier than the normal PVC figures. Also, A MUST!...read the instruction regarding exchanging wrist/hands and feet/ankle joints. I was too excited to check it out and ended up breaking the pivot joint. Triad bodies require you to heat them up with a heat gun or hair dyer to soften the plastic, then you can easily pull off the feet or hands....and place the new accessory. Their claim is that once the plastic cools, it will return to it's more solidified state so that the joint never becomes loose and will stay tight for a long time. If you have extra cash, pre-order the EVO Caucasian body to replace the Shirokage body. You'll have plenty more articulation. I hope this helps.
  6. Hi ShadowerV2, I got the pistols from the Triad Toys also. They look cheesy on their website, but they're actually pretty cool. http://www.triadestore.com/enforcer-pistol-p-1953.html
  7. Hi David, I used the Triad Toy's Catsuit 1.0 Female outfit. I could not find anymore available Barenless suits; they're sold out everywhere. The Triad Toy's Barenless outfit I do have is on the 1/6 Midori Washio Cy Girl figure (i didn't like the baggy look). I wanted to transfer the outfit to the Baroness, but decided that the Catsuit's laced-up boots gave more of that "baroness" feel. Heh. Here's the Catsuit 1.0 outfit: http://www.triadestore.com/catsuit-female-p-1795.html Ref photo:
  8. I definitely captured the Baroness... ...after standing for 3 hours in the Hasbro line at the Comic Con! I should have waited much after the 2009 SDCC to read reviews online before getting my Baroness figure. $34 at the Hasbro booth. I'd say the only thing worthy is the packaging. I was so disappointed and pissed-off, I decided to make my own. Let me know what you think, definitely not looking like Sienna Miller, but I think closer to what I think should be the baroness. The figure is with a Triad 12" Otaku 1.2 Brunette. The Hasbro Baroness came with an M4...but I think she used a different weapon during the Hummer chase scene. The leather coat was still a bit too thick. Unfortunately the Triad figure doesn't have poseable torsos...waiting for the EVA version. The photos shows the Hasbro figure on the left, and my own version on the right.
  9. For some of you 1/60 VF-25S owners, when you guys took out the Ozma's Messiah from the styrofoam and extended the wing...were they a little bent upwards when fully extended? When I took mine out yesterday, it looks like the VF-25S is doing a hard G turn.
  10. Got mine yesterday from BBTS, big ass box and bigger ass shipping box with lots of proection for collector grade. Damn this is prestine. My coworkers are urging me to open it. All sides of the box is clean as it can be, no dents, dings or creases. Thank to all those who posted regarding this figure. The first time I saw this armor on the anime, I said to myself, " **ly s**t, they're gonna make that armor?" ... and Bandai did. I wanna take photos of this bad boy ... it's always a celebration for me opening Macross toys, like a little boy with his little birthday present!
  11. Nice pics, Derex. I just got mine today too via ebay $170 shipped. I haven't seen the Beagle head sculpt. So if possible, may you guys please post a photo of the Beagle Rand head sculpt? From what I've seen online so far, Beagle has the more mean and serious face expressions on these figures. Toynami on the other hand has their version include nice and happy faces. Is there a 1/10 Lancer by Toynami coming out? Masterpiece Lancer Cyclone by Toynami ONLY $199.95 from this link: http://www.digital-toys.com/robotech3.html Is this for real?
  12. Nice one Grand Admiral...damn too bad I sold my Optimus and Megs. But I couldn't help it ...
  13. I sold my Woodland GBP armor and LVII as a set...only reference I have is the urban camo. What are we suppose to look for on the sticker sheet? What is Number 7 and Number 117? Are those the designated sticker number? On the 1/48 GBP Urban camo sticker sheet, sticker number seven is the graphic "4" ... and I don't see number 117. The sticker number only goes up to 100. Is this a trick question and I fell for it? Ok, where's the candid camera!
  14. Hey Guys! I pre-ordered this armored VF-25. Just for confirmation, are the bulk of the armor colored blue or more to dark blue gray? I was crossing my fingers that it would look exactly like the 3D illustrations where it's more dark gray. I think the armor would look better if they were the color of the feet. Or am I just on crazy pills? Thanks for the photos, but are those photos tweaked? Or at least color corrected?
  15. Heh, war machine doesn't need a hard core look once James is inside the suit! All the bad guys' gotta be worried about are those bullets. I wonder if they'll follow up with war machine taking over Iron Man's job while Tony Starks goes to alcohol rehab. Either way, we need more women in skimpy outfits dancing around a pole!
  16. We had a couple of beers at an Irish pub before seeing the movie last night at 10 pm. I think this will be a good dvd-get-together movie with friends on a Friday night. When I purchased the movie ticket, it came with a little flip brochure showing the different products. This movie was totally done for the merchandising. And I'm a sucker for standing in line for almost 3 hours to buy Hasbro stuff at the Comic Con. I got the Baroness 12" movie figure. For $34 USD, it sucks, but I love the BOX packaging. I'm in the process of updating her with Triad Toys body and clothing...oh, and I broke her head off while trying to twist it off. I'm anticipating Hot Toys or Takara RAH products for Scarlet and the Baroness.
  17. Hmmm, I'm thinking about selling my 1/48 VF-1J w/GBP armor for this 1/60 GBP version. Anyone else thinking the same?
  18. Just get it man, to satisfy and gratify your craving. Because at this point, you'll just keep going in circles. Once you have it, see if you feel at ease. And if not, after a while , you can resell it since it's AFA graded. I saw the VE-1 at the 1997 Comic Con. It was $600, and the VT-1 was selling for $800. I found a booth that sold a knock off VF-1S HI Metal for $75, and bought one.
  19. Rook's figure seem almost done. Was this project scrapped by Beagle? That would be a great last hurrah if Beagle were to stop production. I'm sure she's sell out fast! Come on Beagle and Toynami!
  20. Thank jenius, Here's a photo to break the text posts a bit, took it at the office today; had a little show and tell with co-workers. The chicks were only interested for a few seconds, lol.
  21. Thanks blacklotus. Would you guys know where to find any concept designs by Toynami? It'd be interesting to see what they came up with.
  22. Hi Guys, I just opened up my Toynami Scott Bernard ... it's cool! I'd always liked the Toynami book-like packagaing. The 1/10 figure is taller than the 1/8 Gakken cyclone...interesting. Anyhow, I wanted to ask you guys if you have problems standing up Stick Bernard by himself, in a relaxed position. I have problems standing him up. And also, I'm surprise to see that his red suit is like pleather ... it seem like it'll crack easily over time, and the suit is stitched. I see the stitching already ripping a bit when you spread his legs to sit on the bike. Any of you guys have this problem? I am surprise that not much attention has been given on the bottom legs/anke and foot area. The legs on the beta version looks way better ... Now I'm deciding whether to get Rand or not, knowing the quality, I'm at 50/50. If I were to get it, it'll just be to complete Volume 1 & 2. But I'm sure of it that this toyline will emerge a year or two from now. Lastly, do you guys have any idea why the price was bumped from $79.99 to $199+ ?
  23. What if .... what if ... Toynami and Beagle is pulling a fast one on us; that this news of no more 1/10 cyclones is a ploy to get everyone to buy, buy, buy!!! After all, sales were not that good with the first two due to the fact that their original $79.99 exploded to $220 or so. Anyone have any idea why the companies decided to mark up the price to almost 3 times the original price? WTF? Well anyhow, I'm deciding whether to pick up Rand for $170 shipped. I got Stick at the Comic Con.
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