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  1. On 7/3/2019 at 6:29 PM, Bolt said:

    I’ve ordered decals off Mandrake and eBay..

    I was just in Mandrake looking for some other stuff . I looked at 1/72 decals too and I think eBay is a better option.. they for sure have , but maybe someone has a better recommendation..

    Thanks O Mighty Pineapple Eater! May your children be blessed till the 7th generation!

    [Note: I just watched "Midsommar" and it was really weird]

  2. Hello everyone!

    I purchased a Bandai VF-25S (Ozuma version) 1/72 kit online (Amazon) but the decal sheet was missing from the box. I requested a rebate from the seller (and obtained it) but I am still missing the decal sheet. Does any of you know a source, online, where I could get/find/purchase either the decal sheet or a scan (with reasonable resolution)?

    Thanks in advance ^_^

    Valkyrian cheers!


  3. 22 hours ago, Slave IV said:

    Excellent post and segment! Pretty much exactly what I'm talking about.

    Theft? Lol! To me, scouring the world for places you can exploit people by paying the lowest wages possible and then charging more and more for a design that is decades old and you already made more than a fair share for is much more criminal than someone using those designs to give people what they want at a reasonable price. If people doing that puts you out of business, again, I say you probably shouldn't be in business. And I'm saying this as a fan of Arcadia. 


    Love the Chinese. this video makes me feel like resuming my study of Mandarin Chinese and leaving North Uhmerica for Shenzhen...

  4. Thanks Chronocidal and Mickyg for the inputs. You guys make me feel like getting a 262Ba, and I still have to paint and decal a 262H, a 31J and a 1A/S :-)

    They're just so much fun to build while reasonably affordable, and I was too lazy/busy to do more than build them and play with them.

    I'm glad to see that some people love the Bandai transformable Macross kits as much as I do!

    (And that it's pointless to desire a DX 262!)

  5. 7 hours ago, pengbuzz said:

    I appreciate the vote of confidence, but I ended up flinging this against a wall in sheer frustration. I don't have money for continual rebuilds, parts or anything else period. Right now, it sits as a pile of junk in more pieces than it originally came in.

    Thanks anyways though, I appreciate it.

    I'll second MechTech: that was a great try, and it all looked very promising! Thanks a lot for the sharing and sorry for your frustration!

    I'll recommend you to give the SV-262 a chance. You can always smash my head open with a bat if you end up not liking it  :-D

  6. 3 hours ago, pengbuzz said:


    - Instructions actually show a polycap being put in the wrong way into the battroid nose/ cockpit, causing all sorts of headaches

    - "Slide-hinges" for arms VERY fragile and will break just by thinking about them while on a drive across town on a summer's day.

    - Head-lasers snap just by looking at them wrong.

    - Canopy is made of saran-wrap for all I can tell and will break if your cat sneezes.

    Ah the Humanity!

    Sure the old transformable VF-1 had its weirdness and issues (though at least, in spite of his chunkiness, he was always kind to me and a great companion of my prepubescent years) and the recent VF-1 is a true nightmare. Over-designed, most likely never or insufficiently beta-tested prior to release, made of brittle plastic. Still, I'm managing to get something out of it. It looks great with the super parts on and everything holds pretty well (including the back-thrusters/micro-missile tank... after modifying the ABS "nubs" that hold them to the backpack with a dollar store hobby pen knife!)...

    Peace everyone. Om shanti shanti shanti.

  7. 4 hours ago, SebastianP said:

    I've built three of the VF-25 kits, and one VF-31.

    First of all, general issues with all the kits:

    1. The stickers suck. If you don't get them on exactly where you want them and you have to peel them off and try again, they're not going to stay put. 

    2. The water slide decals suck *worse*. They're thick, hard and fragile, and they're dithered rather than solid color. Invest in a bottle of Mr Mark Softner, you will need it.

    3. The landing gear sucks. The legs are too thick, the wheels are too small, they're molded very simplistically and they're molded in *dark gray*, rather than the white they're supposed to be in. They're just generally ugly.

    4. No matter whether you're using the stickers or the decals, you need to apply a fair amount of them during assembly, so choose first, before starting construction.


    Thanks for the advice regarding the decals. I might go back to my earlier plan consisting in airbrushing the big parts of the paint schemes to avoid using the big decals or big stickers. I did invest in a bottle of micro-sol and a bottle micro-set and reverse-tweezers by the way. Maybe I'll give them a try on the VF-1 and corresponding super parts first since this guy is more or less a "lost cause" - even though I manage to find some interesting life-hacks that make him rise and shine and may, in the longer term, save humankind.

    I agree own the landing gear. They are ugly and the wheels are too small. Is there any way to suggest Bandai to make them look better and have them die-cast like those of the VF-1 a third of a century ago in a galaxy far, far away, in the Imai kit?

    Regarding point 4, I'll dis-assemble the parts that have to be painted/decaled/stickered/pampered/TLC'd... is that a good idea, or am I going to die in horrible suffering?

  8. With the exception of the VF-1, yes, the transformable Macross bandai kits did get better with each new production. I built all kits with the exception of super/armored/tornado parts in the frontier line...

    (Please skip to "to sum it up" if you want to save time)...

    Each kit having its own flaws of course:

    - Interlocking mechanism lacking for the VF-25 in fighter mode (though still satisfactorily solid), articulation of legs a little disappointing in Gerwalk, making A-stances difficult (I never tried the super or armoured parts)

    - Back-heaviness of the VF-27, same issue for Gerwalk, but interlocking tabs present, making fighter mode solid

    - Big flaws for the VF-1, impossible to make it stand in Battroid mode, the hip joints were mis-designed (under-designed) IMHO, and Gerwalk is OK yet flimsy. Not recommended at all as a starter.

    - No big flaw for the VF-31's and SV-262's until you add the super parts in gerwalk, I would just say one articulation is lacking at the knee level.

    All Macross Bandai kits are OK or better with the exception of the VF-1. Poseability in battroid and gerwalk did improve through time with the exception of the VF-1. I'll recommend the SV-262 totally if you like the design. It can stand on one leg in Gerwalk and Battroid. Rock-solid in fighter mode. It can also withstand the weight of the little Drakens in Gerwalk mode, but to a limited extent. The two other modes have zero problems. I would still recommend the VF-25 due to its cheapness. That is, unless you are willing to spend a lot on your hobbies.

    It all boils down to whether you like to build things with your own hands, and understand every mechanism and articulation and the kit/toy's design, or just want to play. Personally I would not spend 100's of dollars on DX's (which do have their flaws and break due to stress at joints, as can be seen from the forums, and do require some additional paint to look perfect). It also feels better to tinker with an object and tweak it (which I like to do) if it did not cost you too much to acquire. And I'd rather spend my cash on building projects, travel, tourism and R&D stuff than on something that just sits on my shelf. 

    Building each bandai model took me around 8 hours by the way, minus the decals. I'd add 2 hours if I went with the sticker option. + 1hr of panel-lining (DX kits are not panel-lined from what I know). Ultimately I'll go with the decals + paint for the delta line, as the stickers don't like the transformations and manipulations. If you've done some Gundam Bandai plamo kits before, well the Macross kits are flimsier. Yet the gunpla's don't usually transform. I'd say that if you enjoy building gunpla's, you'll enjoy building the delta kits (at least) enormously. I did enjoy building the Macross plamo's A LOT. That's personal of course.

    I did play with the VF-31 and sv-262 quiiiiite a LOT already, and dis-assembled and re-assembled some parts, and nothing broke yet. So the durability of the delta kits seems OK. Regarding the frontier kits, I remember a shoulder articulation breaking off on the VF-27 (but the DX's were prone to articulation breakage as well) and having to replace the groin locking tab with a magnet on the VF-25. I sold them because I had to move overseas for a couple of years, so I can't say anything about their durability in the long term! One last word of caution: pay attention to solvents with the bandai kits, as the plastic will crack in the stressed areas if you use solvents on them. And a tiny dab of crazy glue will be needed on some articulations of the VF-31 in order to make it able to keep some poses (elbow, wrist, wing folding joints, hip ball joint).

    To sum it up (focusing on your questions):

    - durability of bandai Macross kits < durability of bandai Gundam kits, but building fun is the same if you like building articulated, glue-less model kits;

    - they (bandai Macross kits) did improve through time;

    - frontier kits < delta kits in terms of durability, as can be speculated from simplicity of design (simpler => more durable);

    - frontier kits still a good option 10 years later (I don't know for super/armored/tornado parts);

    - avoid (2013) vf-1 kit entirely except if you have university degrees in mechanical engineering/design and want to put them to use;

    - interlocking tabs in all kits except for VF-25 (though still OK overall) and not enough of them in VF-1 (to be avoided again);

    Thanks for reading!


  9. 47 minutes ago, MechTech said:

    I thought you were making an anti-math statement.  "Stomping out equations like the bad guys they are!":p - MT

    Hahaha yeah I think you understood the symbolism behind the picture! I'm working on problems that take 5-10 pages to solve each, so when I'm done with one of them it actually feels like I did stomp onto a bad guy :lol: ... even more so if I'm done with solving a problem late at night :lol:

    I'm not anti-math. Not at all. I used to teach math. I'm just very skeptical about neoclassical economics. You can't quantitatively predict anything with them. Unlike the applied science we use in engineering to actually make stuff. I actually used math to predict airplane performances, and the prediction were very accurate. Because the science behind it was accurate! Econ... is no science!

    But to quote a great math textbook I used a long time ago: "the student should view each new mathematical problem as an enemy that should be terminated with extreme prejudice, whether he likes math or not"

  10. 2 hours ago, Mazinger said:

    Awesome! I'd be tempted to leave it in gerwalk mode.  Do you plan to transform it in the future?  How do you think it will hold up?

    More importantly, what's all the high level linear algebra stuff it's hovering over, fold equations I hope.


    Yes I'll transform it if you request more pics in Battroid and Fighter modes! I "play" with this guy almost very day, changing it position a little!

    By the way I find the anime paint scheme to be a bit overdone, and I might improvise something much more sober...

    The equations you see here are theoretical microeconomics, for my thesis in environmental economics (this kind: https://gnunet.org/sites/default/files/Laffont %26 Martimort - The Theory of Incentives.pdf) but I'm also able to handle aerodynamics, flight dynamics, some structural engineering, robotics... from my former degrees! And still do use that knowledge in a limited way when I design my own RC planes. No transformable valkyries for the moment! :lol:

  11. 5 hours ago, kajnrig said:

    I dunno about weights of the models themselves, but judging by HLJ's product pages:

    The Bandai kit at 4400-5200 JPY ($40-$50), and the box weighs 630g

    The Hasegawa kit at 2800-3600 JPY ($25-$30), and the box weighs 380g

    The plastic-to-dollar ratio seems about the same for both, with Bandai offering a bit more value. (15.75:$1 vs 15.2:$1) I'll take some quick weight measurements off the runners and get back to you. Bandai's kit has more runners, but also more plastic in the pieces themselves due to thicker pieces and the various snap-fit/articulation features.

    As for the wing tabs, I agree that there's something just slightly out of place somewhere; one side is close to locking nicely, while on the other, the leg is extended too far back by about 2mm. I'm not about to mess with it anytime soon, as I'm afraid that I can only make things worse.

    Strange... I have no issue whatsoever with the wing tabs!

    Taking the average price for each kit, I get a JPY/g ratio of 7.61 for the Bandai and 8.42 for the Hasegawa. So yes quite similar after all... but that calculation does not discount the box (cardboard) weight...

  12. 18 hours ago, kajnrig said:

    Meh... *rumble rumble get ready for the sourpuss again*

    It's fine, I guess. This one doesn't hold together nearly as well as the VF-31, because the transformation demands much more precision. That complicated area around the intakes is particularly cumbersome, with I think four swiveling joints within the same cubic cm all needing to align in just the right way for transformations to work out nicely.

    The aforementioned intakes don't come together nicely for the battroid mode; there's always a major gap splitting the chest right down the middle, and even though I expected as much beforehand, it was still disappointing.

    Fighter mode suffers the most: the arms/shoulders/tailfin make for a gap-filled fuselage; it's impossible to get the wing root pegs to clamp into the legs; and no matter what I tried, I could never get the feet/engine exhaust nozzles to lock together, even before things became naturally misaligned from the transformation.

    Gerwalk mode is definitely where this kit shines. None of the above issues exist in Gerwalk mode (unless you for whatever reason want to display it with its arms stowed away), and it's easily the most aesthetically-pleasing of the three modes anyway.

    Oh, and the hands are still terrible. Y'know, because I need to.

    Now I just have to finish test-fitting the Hasegawa version for comparison.

    You are right regarding the cumbersomeness of the chest pieces. However, my sv-262 must have been blessed by Pope Francis (or yours cursed by Kim Jong Un) because my wing tabs do lock in the legs perfectly... or maybe you could try using a hammer? Could you do me a favor and compare the Hasegawa vs Bandai weight-wise? The weight/$ ratio must be significantly different for the two kits!

  13. 1 hour ago, chyll2 said:

    Kind of tempted now to buy draken and build it fixed gerwalk mode. One of the reason why I jumped on the DX toy on the 25 is due to kit in-ability to do the A-Stance.


    The lil draken looks different when compared to what you saw on the show. The bulk that the missile pack adds looks good though.

    You won't need to modify anything to "make" it solid in gerwalk. Compared with all the other valks from bandai in 1/72, plamo, this guy is an absolute brick (super solid) in all 3 modes. That's the advantage of a simple design, as well as of the addition of locking tabs. It is super rugged. Only issue: the little Drakens are absolutely too heavy for the wings in Gerwalk mode, but will be perfectly bearablefor the wings in Battroid and Fighter modes (because of the locking tabs for that mode)! And the ankle joints somewhat lack mobility, even though they do have some. I am thinking of a simple mod in that area... But A-stances are already very achievable as you could see!

  14. 11 hours ago, no3Ljm said:

    Hey everyone.

    If anyone of you here have the 1/72 Draken in Gerwalk mode, can I request a photo of it without the wings being rotated 2-levels as it should be but lay flat like traditional Valk Gerwalk in top shot, back shot, and front angled just to get the whole idea how it's going to look. If anyone did this already or if you guys already seen photos online can you paste the link here.

    Thanks! Really appreciate it. :) 



    I'll be glad to do that! Yes, IMHO, the sv-262 looks great without the "wings rotated 180 degrees" :-)

    PS: I did not do any panel-lining, painting or decaling yet. I hope that's fine with you :-)


























  15. On 2017-01-08 at 0:37 PM, dec0y13 said:

    So the screw holds everything a bit better?

    I was after the VF-1S kit (folker) anyway so this will be something I try

    This little tiny screw holds the hip pegs very well. As maybe already mentioned, I am now able to pose the battroid and let it stand on its own without any fear of it falling apart...

    I plan to try some more sophisticated ideas (involving Kotobukiya ball joints maybe), but in the meantime, this screw trick works really, really, really well.

    The next priority is to find a "mod" that allows the back plate to hold securely in one given position in battroid... I have a basic working idea with an old credit card, I still have to drill hols and attach - glue - magnets to make it work better!

  16. 7 hours ago, dec0y13 said:

    Don't get me wrong. I would most certainly buy the 1/60 Arcadia's IF I could justify the cost. I'm just not a big enough fan to drop down $300 each for the planes I want.

    If they were $80-100 (which is what I feel they should actually be worth) I'd buy em all day! (Heck, I buy uber nice Master Made Transformers figures for $130 and they are insanely detailed, durable, articulated, and they have tons of die-cast in em!.. I assume it's the licensing that makes Macross figures so crazy expensive.)

    I can build 6 or more models for the price of one Arcadia. Also, it's nice to use a little skill and come out with something that looks nice. (...and I'm willing to endure the decal battle lol)

    As far as durability, I usually reinforce the inside of my models with super glue and metal bits to add to the ruggedness of the frame. I learned to beef these up a bit after breaking one of my VF-2's. A coat of Future/Pledge seals the pant and decals pretty good. You still need to be reasonably gentle with em, but they hold up for the transforming and posing I do. (If I paid $300 for one I'd treat it like glass anyway)


    So it's models for me until I win the lottery ;)

    Thank bro. I agree with every word you wrote.

  17. 15 hours ago, Jefuemon said:

    No, no, no, no, and no. Bandai makes good models, except where their Macross line is concerned. I've not been satisfied with anything they're recently put out. Don't look good in any form, and easily breakable. If you want something transforming, buy a Hi-Metal or Arcadia.

    Don't forget that you can buy 4 to 6 Bandai plamo Macross kits for each Arcadia. And the Bandai Plamo Macross are far from 4 times to 6 times worse than the Arcadia's. Let me tell you what is "wrong" with the Bandai Macross kits. You need some workmanship and to think a little to make them "work" properly. Except for the two last kits, which came out perfect straight out of the box, at east for me. I broke a couple of nubs but repairs were easy.

    It's also a matter of personal taste. To me, regular plastic model kits - the un-articulated, static type - are just way too boring. And I feel too old to buy Arcadia's or Hi-Metal's, because... I feel too old for toys. I need to put my mind to use on something. It's just too easy - and no fun at all - when your Valk is all done right inside the box when you first open it and you have nothing left to do than play with it. And for me, there is not enough fun when your model kit does not move at all once you're done building it... And... I do enjoy building Gunpla's but at the same time, I'm not into Gundam at all.

    So I'm definitely very much into the plamo Macross line.

    I'd really find it awesome if Bandai did the other M0/MPlus/MSeven valks. Bandai has greatly improved its Macross transformable kits since it started with the VF-25 nearly ten years ago. And will do a wonderful jobs with the other Kawamori designs.

  18. A great kit with some BIG flaws requiring some good workmanship to make it functional. I'm still working (on additional tweaks) on mine! (And once I'm done finding them out and they work, I might get the Focker version to "build it right" with all the required mods from the start) I managed to make it poseable in battroid mode (see my galleries, it's a simple tweak)... Should you get one, get the Focker version. And try copying the tweak I did...

    Note: the Focker version has an extra piece of ABS that makes the battroid version work better (though the hip connection remains unstable!)gallery_2300_889_439058.jpggallery_2300_889_128505.jpg

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