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  1. That would be me. I suppose I should just start my own thread. I just figured people deserve to see what it is going to be slapped on.
  2. The garfish has been around for years. Both landers have been produced. I know because I have it up. So has the bugeye. I know tundra yet he has some of the Bioroid landers available. I am still trying to find out what's going on with the horizont and the clamshell.
  3. I was wondering if there is any word on these projects. I am the proud owner of the garfish, Bioroid lander, bugeye, and Zentradi lander. I was really hoping for a clam ship and some horizonts. If the project has stalled due to a lack of demand I can see if I can get people together. I know every time I post pictures I get drooling and slathering responses all over other forums.
  4. A few quick notes. Tundra yeti has had a lot going on in his life. So give him time. He is a friend and we talk on a semi regular basis. He has quite recently moved, change jobs twice and welcome to new baby into the world. While he does fabulous work, it's not his "work". So everyone just relax and we will get it when his real-life permits.
  5. I am soo poor but count me in on the Horizont as well. In one of those special coincidences Papermate pens can not only be used for extending the legs on the Bug eye scout but as the extensions for the legs on the landing pod. I should have pictures by Fri at the latest.
  6. Slight correction. Seller antori_pancco Has 4, 3/8 inch thick 6'/6' slabs of acrylic for 23.99 That will make bases with the rods for 4 of the ships. I already have 2 of the Bug eyes to base. and others on the way.
  7. Basing needs. On Ebay search for 1/2 inch Plexiglas rods. 5 11 inch long for $5 1/2 inch clear rubber feet. 50 for $3 and clear scraps acrylic plaque 6.5 inch / 15 inch for $5 That should make a good base Pictures to follow when it gets made.
  8. Twich Twich. Can not wait. Oh BTW can we get the contact info for the people making the Tanks and Bioroids in case we wanted extra? Thanks Pete
  9. The almost mythic at this point Garfish only came with VTs and those only in Fighter mode. Is there any possibility of getting some REF minis to go with the Clamshell like the Hovertanks go with the lander. I am going to be sooooo poor. Pete
  10. I was thinking since people seemed to feel free to chime in with ideas what things would you be willing to shell out this kind of money for and 1/350th scale? The bridge and possibly upper works of the Macross The tip of the Datalus with a ramp down that could pose Destroids in. The rather boxy Zentradi shuttle The smallest of the spaceships from Southern Cross
  11. You mentioned a Daedlus I was just looking for possible add on pieces to turn the correct proportions of pink board 2 inch thick into an ARMD platform. A thought is if you made the bits that thrust forward in the front and bottom you could sell for a reasonable, well reasonable for a huge model the pieces to make your own. Pete
  12. Wonderful. Are the bioroids going to be available?? I think the only issue is it looks like everything will be done at one time and the wallet can not withstand that.
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