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    Rohby's JM recast

    I just got one of Rohby's JM recasts and it is truly amazing! The recast quality is fantastic and it is actually very sturdy for a recast. I am very impressed. Now all I need are the decals for it. Is anyone going to be working on these anytime soon?
  2. mech9T8

    1/48 BR "blue camo"

    That is AMAZING! Great work!
  3. I'll need a set of decals too. Just bought a recast JM from Rohby. Let me know if you need $ up front (to whoever is going to make these).
  4. Hey guys, thanks for the quick replies. I didn't mean the 20th Anniversary Prime...I have that already. I meant the G1 reissue but I think Myriad covered it. So material and quality are the same right?
  5. What are the differences between these two? I'm not talking about the box, accesories or price. The toy itself, is it basically the same? Same amount of plastic and metal? Same quality? Please let me know. Thanks.
  6. $200 for a MIB 1/55 GBP-1S...I think that was a pretty good deal though.
  7. I just saw these and they look pretty cool. Does anyone here own them? How big are they? Are they cheap crap or are they worth getting? I assume they are made of plastic (no metal)? Any details that you guys can give would be great. Thanks.
  8. That's it! Thanks guys. So Prime is 1/32 scale...good to know.
  9. I had the Slag version of what I see in the pic. It looks like someone got creative and crossed Sludge with a Swoop. I don't think the original toy looked like that. But it is definitely a boot leg.
  10. There was a store he mentioned that had the proper sized trailer. It was like $30 or something. It needed a few mods but it looked great. I need to find that link.
  11. Ok, I posted this before and it got moved or deleted because I can't find it anymore. A while back I saw a custom Prime trailer that someone did and in his post he showed the link to the trailer he purchased. I seacrched and couldn't find it, can someone direct me to it please. Thanks.
  12. I don't think it looks that bad with stock fast packs. A different colour would better but I wouldn't say it's ugly. Check out the Twin Moons website for pics (under his custom sticker section). I saved a bunch of pics as well so I can email them to you if you would like. Let me know.
  13. So far I have a VF-1S Roy and a Low Vis and I am happy. The only way I'll buy another is if they release a 1/48 GBP-1S, then I'll have to buy Hikaru's 1J to go with it.
  14. How much were they? The Walmart in my area just opened. Went there and they didn't have any. I'm going to do some more looking around.
  15. Hey, why is my pic gone? Was my custom that bad. OK, seriously, I know it was too big the first time so I made it smaller and it still won't show. Can't we link from Yahoo Geocities? I tried to look for the rules to posting pics and couldn't find them...maybe I'm blind.
  16. Thanks for the info! I'm really liking that stand.
  17. I made this custom a while ago. It's my pride and joy. The pic may be a little blurry. 1/55 VF-1S Strike Roy Here are the details: Jetfire body + armour Custom head + heat shield (Chris Baretta) Custom cannon + decals (Jung) Custom gun strap (Me)
  18. I'm doing the same thing you are doing. I bought the low vis option set from twin moons. I think this will cover everything you need but I can't say for sure because I haven't applied mine yet. I just really liked the shark mouth. There were some pics of a low vis with the option stickers applied so you can see where to apply them. Just do a search in the forums or go to twin moons. Hope this helps.
  19. My favorite is my Care Bear...oh, uh, I mean my 1/55 Strike VF-1S Roy Custom. I spent alot of time on that sucker. But I am eagerly waiting for the fast packs for my 1/48 VF-1S Roy and Low Vis. I might change my mind then.
  20. My wife is great, never once has she given me grief over any of my purchases. I'm the one who feels kinda guilty because it just seems like so much money for a toy. We could put the money towards so many other things. But we are good with our finances and this is the only thing I collect. I just made a little Christmas present to myself; 1/48 low vis and 2 sets of fast packs. I guess that present isn't so little come to think of it.
  21. Just got my Taka low vis stickers on the weekend, they look great! I can't wait to apply them. Any particular things that I should be aware of before I apply them. I read somewhere about cleaning the surface first???
  22. mech9T8

    Age Check! :)

    I'm 28, but everyone who knows about my Macross fetish thinks I'm 10.
  23. I should have got it earlier but to be honest I wasn't a big fan of it. Then I saw pics of a Low Vis with a strike pack and Takatoys stickers and I had to get one. Sweet!
  24. I'm from Toronto, Canada. It was the only one he had. I got lucky.
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