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  1. I don't have Hikaru VF-1J so I'm banking on the fact that they'll be released together.
  2. Very nice. When they go on sale I'll pick some up.
  3. Don't know if anyone really cares but I'm working on a 1/55 Hikaru strike, a recast joke machine (but I'll need decals) and trying to save some money to get Jung to paint my 1/48 fast packs to match my low vis.
  4. My mistake, I took a second look at the thread and it should be a reality sometime this year. Yay!
  5. I saw a thread about a possible 1/48 GBP-1S. I hope that is a reality very soon.
  6. I was bidding on these but didn't win. Good price though. Check it out: Link
  7. I'm looking for a Jetfire backpack armour. Please let me know if anyone has one for sale.
  8. No problem. I was just wondering what happened.
  9. I saw the thread a while ago and the proofs. But what happened to this project?
  10. He probably thought the Valk came with the armour. Link
  11. Hook me up with one of those sheets. It looks great.
  12. Put me down for a set. Looks great!
  13. Has anyone taken a 1/60 (VF-1A Max or Hikaru specifically) and modified it so that it could accept fast packs? Any DIY links out there?
  14. Woohoo! I'm from Canada too! Well sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don't with shipping. I bought stuff in the past that gets to me in 2 days, other times over 2 weeks. As for customs I got nailed once. They wanted to charge me $50 for a Jetfire I bought. I protested it and got lucky that I didn't have to pay...but I also waited 1 month to get that dam thing. Luckily nothing ever got lost.
  15. That looks sooooooo good! Great job!
  16. mech9T8

    1/60 GBP

    Just the armour...I have the 1J already.
  17. I work in an automotive facility that uses injection molding and blow molding. The basic reason you can't recast parts with higher quality plastics is because you need high temperature and pressure to inject the plastic. As was said previously you need special equipment to do this. As for why the bootlegs are so cheap, it all comes down to quality. The quality of the toy and the quality of the molds they are using. Better quality is obviously more expensive. If you want a super accurate part then you would get a CNC cut steel mold. But for all we know the bootleg companies could be using poor quality aluminum molds which are a hell of a lot cheaper but do not produce as good a part. There are also other issues such as production volumes, overhead, design and development, etc. that all affect piece price.
  18. mech9T8

    Rohby's JM recast

    Yeah, I replied to that post but I haven't heard anything in a while. I'll just keep waiting.
  19. mech9T8

    Rohby's JM recast

    Then contact him and ask for one.
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